Friday, November 26, 2010

A very black day.

Black Friday…. I guess they call it black because it’s still dark out when people wake up for “amazing deals” .

There’s not that many things that I’m looking for a great deal on that I can’t get on sale still at 7 or 8 or even 10. I’m sure some people are doing a big list of Christmas shopping and need every minute of that time….. I’m not. I did; however, still wake up at 430. I need a pair of black slip proof shoes for this job at BWW and they had a pair of crocks (that are cute :] ) for 10 bucks. Normally 30. They were 10 off and then the first 100 customers get a 10 dollar gift card. . . and being a thrifty college kid…..

After finally throwing my blankets off, I managed to get up and make it to the shoe carnival less than 5 minutes before the doors opened. I was surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one wanting to be there for that card. As I got closer and closer to the door, the employee passing out cards still held a stack in his hand… only to empty it 4 or 5 people before me : ( . It was still ok because I’d be getting those shoes that I have to have and still spending a little less. As I finished shopping around I ran into Erin, a girl from high school that I was decent good friends with at one point. She had an extra card (you could only use one at a time and she came with her husband) so she pawned the other one off on me . . success!

So now it’s 5:50 and I’m back in my warm bed with a pair of cute shoes that I had to have and got a butt load of savings on them. I’m eating some oatmeal and thinking about all those people out in the cold. . . wuahahahaha..

So after a morning (by morning I mean an hour that was early enough to constitute the entire morning) of heavy shopping (by heavy I mean buying one pair of shoes that are cool enough to constitute heavy) I did manage to fall in love with the next fashion fad: over the knee boots.

I’m not saying it’s a fad that will flow with everyone. I’m sure too many people will wear them with jeans that have too small of a waist band (an already bad mistake made worse by skinny jeans or boots that emphasize the legs). It defently would NOT be a great fad for short people ( tall boots would just make them look shorter) but for normal size people wearing clothes that fit correctly…. These are the most beautiful boots ever. I found a pair this morning that I am in love with. I mean IN LOVE!!!! I’m actually tempted to get up in a few hours and go back.

There is also a camera that I really want to buy….. it’s 150. Together I’d be pushing 200 bucks. : l I’m not sure about that . . .

Let me know if you found any awesome deals that are just plain epic.

Let’s go shopping and forget about all our problems.

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