Monday, September 26, 2011

Magnificiant obsession

I hope to loose myself for good. I hope to find it in the end… not in me, in you. – Switchfoot.
I want to find myself in God.  I also want to find myself in my soon to be husband.  I know what it means to throw myself away.  What I want is no longer myself or my own life…   I want a life, with my husband, in God.  I want an identity so deeply imbedded in him that there is nothing else to define me. 
I’ve also never truly understood what it meant to be completely devoted to a man.  Even when I was engaged before, when I had given everything I knew or could manage, I didn’t understood how to give even what I don’t know and even what I can’t live without.  The respect that has seeded the love I now know, it is deeper than any lust or emotional love or, more important than that, it is deeper than any godless love.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

officially happening.

The plans are made.  the date is set.  I'm talking about that ring, not the pen :)  check it. our wedding website

just saying, i might possibly be stoked....

Thursday, September 01, 2011

flying high

Defently went flying this week.  By flying i mean actually flying.... in the sky. in a plane.  My trusty pilot, steve,  showed me how a plane stalls and then started it back up to save us from a looming doom : )  It was awesome.  I mean like super awesome.  It was the kind of awesome that made me look at who had taken me on the adventure and remember that that person is just as cool as the flight.  I might never want to go on a roller coaster ride ever again now.   Just saying, it was pretty epic amazing.