Monday, November 15, 2010

cold fashion debate.

As the cold creeps in, women are trying to find new ways to stay warm while still being fashionable.  The "fad" that has picked up popularity this summer will be extra exaggerated as winter draws closer as it is a beautiful, and sometimes not so beautiful, solution to warmth.  

The idea of leggings has been around for years, but up until now it has been an idea that has stayed hidden under dress pants or jeans or long dresses.   This year it has been exposed to the fashion world as women have began removing the pants and pairing their leggings with t-shirts, dresses, and oversized - sweaters.

Some women have seen the glory of leggings that have been paired with a proper top:
Notice that the photo on left has been smart enough to cover her rump while the photo on right she has chosen a pair of leggings that aren't so skin tight, making them more as pants and less as spandex.  Both photos have spread their color throughout the outfit, evening them out and preventing them from looking top heavy. 

While many women have figured out the secret to leggings, there are still many who have not:
The entire outfit is sloppy making her look like an 80's druggie.

The key to leggings is to take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror before you actually decide to make them part of your outfit.   Most of the mistakes women make would be noticed if they took a look at themselves before stepping into public.

There are several major mistakes women make when attempting to pull off leggings but really, every mistake is summarized into one main problem - wearing them with a shirt that is not spandex or not long enough (a t-shirt or a ruffly jacket or even a dressy blouse that isn't tight fitted).  This makes any woman look like she just stepped out of the gym or it may make a lady that is not stick skinny and 100 feet tall look top heavy enough to knock her over:

Legging icon, Lindsey Lohan, has had several amazing fashion days with leggings.  She has also had sever unsuccessful days:
Lohan's attempt at left, i don't even know if it would count as a fashion attempt,  I would call it more of a costume.   The outfit on right, i hope she was coming from the gym before that coffee (at least she's short enough that she's not top heavy despite the sweat-shirt).  It's the perfect example of why leggings should be worn UNDER tops and not just with them.  

She's not the only one who makes this mistake.  I don't know how many people i've seen in the groccery store wearing t-shirts and leggings and showing off every lump and bump of cellulite.   That is NOT a fashion statement.  

I believe leggings are a heavenly solution to staying warm.  I also believe that many women wear them wonderfully paired with a dress (short or long) or any top that comes over their bottom.  I just hope that if you decide to pull a out the leggings that you can remember that they are NOT meant to be worn as pants but as part of the outfit and that any outfit design should be worn in accordance with your body type.  

happy Leggings.

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