Wednesday, February 29, 2012

shout out: fashion dress up.

25 reasons to dress up every day  :  check it.  Because i love to dress up randomly (and i like their title pic)  .... Now i just have to figure out how to do it with out the heels.

I love heels because you can wear jeans and t-shirt, throw in heel and automaticly dressed up.  The problem is i stand too much to wear heels every day.

Normally i would say that it is completely possible to pull the dress and converse thing,  but it's still way cold out side and i like my jeans because they are warm...

So the goal:    Jeans, dressed up, with out high heels (and i like shirts that dont hind my butt, because i like my butt... especially in my awesome buckle jeans.)

.. i'm on the hunt, wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So i got a gig working at this adorable reconsignment shop and im stoked.

I'm their only real employee and i get to dress the manacans and price clothes and It's a blast.... i get to do what i love (that being fashion) 
I love having a reason to get dressed in the morning.  I love being around clothes al the time.  I llove being responsible for staying ontop of modern in style fashion.

Stay tuned because now i have a good reason to stayontop of this blog :)

It's gonna be sweeeeat!


Update of my life

Wedding is done....  It was fun and we had a wonderfull turn out..   I wish there hadn't been so much stress to make things perfect (my mother and everyone had this idea tat things needed to be big lol)  but it was adorable and i had a blast. 

And....    I put in my two weeks at the bar i was tending at....

Are you ready for this?


I got a job at Trendz.  It's a reconsignment shop with amazing fashion..  yay!

Update to that coming in 5 min.