Thursday, August 17, 2006

He should be a poet!!

These are some of Dan Stroh's awsome entries:

In the 2005-2006 school year, a phenomenon occured as a muse inspired the writing of many poems in the lunchroom. Some goofy, many very bad, and all from the heart, they are for the enjoyment/scrutiny of all.
"Pink shoes on a pretty girl"

By: Dan Stroh
Pink shoes on a pretty girl
Is like iceing on an already delicious cake,
It adds a twist and nice little swirl
But they're nothing without the beautiful girl,
The pink adds the flare,
The girl adds my stare,
And sometimes her boyfriend adds an angry glare,
Pink shoes are for running
On a cool summer day,
Or maybe for laying on the beach, sunning
Picking up some random guy named, Jay,
So, please, please, please,
Don't be a tease
And get some pink shoes,

"Lunch-Room Rap"
I've been holding it down in the little So. IL,

Eating even more than twice my fill,

The records will be broken for eating spaghetti bowls,

Four to be exact, plus three rolls,
Began my training in the little lunch room,

Ate much more than my stomach can consume,

Two sandwiches of pork,

And grabbed two forks,
Ate some pineapple

With some rosie of apple,
I was warned that my stomach would wain,

But i know the prize is worth the pain,

So I stuffed and I stuffed,

And I toughed and I toughed,

And come next Wednesday I will rein,

"Speedball" (inspired by a true story)
Speedball! Doo Doo Do Do, Dodo Doo!
Rocks the socks
Off all the stupid jocks,

While the physics class
Shared some laughs,
I flew around on the court like a lightning bolt,

Weaving and jukeing like a springtime colt,

Filled with desire
That only Zeus could admire,
Flying free as a gull over the sea,

I stole and I blocked,

And I blocked and I stole

As the other players flocked and followed my role!
Word YALL!

Copyright 2006; all rights reserved.