Friday, December 18, 2015

Booming buisness

When i started this adventure, i had no idea how quickly it would take off!!  It's not full time yet, but there are regular orders and sometimes a list of them.  So far i am doing great at keeping the turn around down, but i know at some point my "24 hour turn around" will actually be 24 hours instead of my current couple hours. lol.

I made a Facebook page:  BF Designs
This seems to have been a great idea.  Within 48 hours of creating it i had 48 likes and a dozen orders through the page.  I am pretty stoked about how things are going so far.  

I still have a bit before my overhead is caught up, but it is going in the right direction considering how much i have to spend.  

I suppose it is time to come up with a logo.  I love the watermark i've used for this blog, but loft-apt didn't seem to really fit since i'm now married with a child.  I can't bring myself to revamp the blog because that is what it's always been, but i can start out with a classier name for this business.  I ended up going with BF Designs.  Now i just need to put it into a watermark : ) 

Bee Mo

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vinyl cray cray

OK. ok.  So i might have went a little over board.  My first project with my new cricut was label the machine with my name.  hahaha.  and then i vinyled my record player and then my front door. 

I will be getting permanent/outdoor vinyl on monday and then i can do our car decals and coffee cups.  Until then, i have removable vinyl for the doors and wall and windows and mirrors : ) lol.  Tomorrow i will start with the iron ons.  I'm going to label my circuit bag and my book bag and blankets and Auna's clothes. lol.  I love it.  It is just as awesome as i foresaw and i haven't even started on the projects that i have envisioned yet : )

Christmas gifts/project, here i come.  I need to go to the dollar tree and get coffee mugs and wine glasses and totes and notebooks and everything in between!  so stoked. 


Friday, November 13, 2015

My new favorite Toy

My husband buys tools every week.  I like spending my money on clothes and furniture...  Well, I forgot all about my tools.  Today, I ordered my first tool in a very long time.

I ordered.... a cricut!  yay.

I am ready to make car decals and wall decals and t shirts and cups... I am stoked.

I am ready to make cards and address labels and so many other things.

And best yet... I got a kick ass deal!

7-12 business days.  can NOT wait.  I'll let you know how my first day of projects go... not my first project, my first DAY of projects : )

Wish me luck


Saturday, November 07, 2015

Baby Junk yard?

It seems that every infant item is HUGE and takes up a shit ton of space.... Swings, bouncers, belly time mats, walkers... everything infant. So how do you fit all these things in your living space? we all know that the idea of putting every item away every time you use it is just not realistic, so what is the best way to fit it all without turning your living room into a junk yard of exersaucers?

 Read and go!

Friday, November 06, 2015

a little late for life.

I FINALLY got to taking the pumpkins to the trash.  They were a little .... DEAD. lol

and since i never posted the before photo..... Patrick did a kick ass job at ninja turtles:

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Survival (Part II, after birth)

Now... continuing from my last post.

I've never felt such a need for someone in my life as the moment i saw my husband and baby.

I saw them and my world was complete.

My baby was healthy, but not happy... she was hungry.

People make such a fuss about breastfeeding.  Although i ended up hating breastfeeding, those first few moments were the most natural thing in the world.  She was hungry and i had what she needed... and she knew exactly where it was.  The bond of those first few moments were priceless.  I loved holding her and her needing me.

The hospital had a 48 hour policy with first time parents... and they really wanted to keep an eye on baby and i and my infection.

It was really just a waiting game, but i was so tired and excited that those two days flew by.  I couldn't sleep because i just wanted to hold baby but i was tired i couldn't stay awake.  my schedule was all jacked up and i didn't care.

My temperature dropped. Patricks brother and his family came to visit.  someone from his work stopped by.  We changed diapers and ate hospital food... though those first few days i really couldn't eat much.

After the first day they took my catheter out and i started wobbling around a little.

We got scolded multiple times for dozing off with baby on our chests.

At one point, she went 6 hours without eating and one of the nurses told us we need to pump or formula feed... i told her to stuff it somewhere else.

She only lost a couple ounces the first couple days and when we rounded the end of 48 hours, her results came back that she did not contract my infection and we were good to go home.  We had to attend a really stupid parenting class where they told me i need to feed her and then told me i needed to close the door to feed her..  Needless to say i was ready to blow that popsicle stand and was glad to get home.

I still can't believe its already been two months.  It seems ages ago and there are so many stories i want to pack in...
My parents have come to visit twice.
The first time wasn't so great.  I was sore from my c-section but still stubborn and flipped a boat when my mother tried to tell me i couldn't vacume.. but it was nice to have them there to cook and hold her.  she has been an easy baby, but it was so nice for them to hold her.

At one point, about day 2 home, i lost it when i couldn't get in bed by myself.  I was so upset and helpless... but my awesome husband wasn't about to give up on me and waited patiently on me.

He also kept her the first week home... He would stay up all night because a) he was scared she would stop breathing or something and b) he wanted me to sleep.. thank GOD!

Overall, i hated the pregnancy, but the birth wasn't as bad as i expected and parenting is way easier than i prepared myself for.

There are a million stories and i could def make up some advice for you if you really wanted.
In reality:  There is no rule book, no right or wrong.  Everyone is different, every experience is different.

This is my story.


The survival of my pregnancy and birth

In my last post, i gave you all the advice i think you need for the journey of having a child.  Now that you have that, i will give you the story of my First child....

I will warn you, this is a long one.. but i am writing it for myself as much as for the blog and i don't want to ever forget the details of my baby girl.

It all started...... well we will skip that part. We all know how it started.

Long story short, i was pregnant... the test proved so 2 weeks later.

The next 3 months, everyone tried to tell me that my symptoms were in my head.... that I wasn't really tired.  I wasn't actually moody.  My bloat had to also be in my brain.  

It only lasted about 3 months because after that i got pissed at all the rude customers and quit.  I should have quit sooner, but i'm tough and don't quit...  until i couldn't handle it and quit : ) 

I was pregnant an entire 37 weeks and all but 3 of those were the most miserable weeks of my life.  Some people love being pregnant.  I am not one of those people.  I hated the cravings.  I hated not being able to do new things or be crazy active.  I hated not being able to have a beer without worry about the alcohol content.  I hated none of my clothes fitting and the weight that i gained.  I hated my boobs.  I hated people telling me i didn't look pregnant.  so overall,  I did NOT enjoy being pregnant.  

By the time 36 weeks hit, i KNEW i was not going to make it to 40.  My body did not like being pregnant.  

Our anniversary was 36weeks6days.  We celebrated like any married couple ; )
It was great... until the flood gates cracked open a little.  I held off going to the hospital because i wasn't really sure it was my water...  
After spending all night changing towels and cleaning up,  Monday morning i was on my way to the hospital.  

I spent three hours waiting for the Dr.  She finally made it to my room to check my fluid.  There wasn't much fluid for her to test, but when she found some, it tested neg for amniotic fluid.  The computer showed i was having regular contractions so she did an ultra sound.  Everything was good, my fluid was actually a lot higher than necessary, i wasn't dilated,  and i was sent home.   Are you surprised?  I wasn't but i was frustrated.

That frustration only escalated as my "leaking" got stronger.  I couldn't stand up.  There was no point in getting dressed.  I was sitting in what, i had concluded, was the result of a failing bladder.

I spent a second night of changing towels and doing my best from making too much of a mess.  I was also fighting embarrassment.  Here i was, a grown adult, and the only answer was that i had lost complete control of my bladder.  But There was nothing i could do about it and i was not about to be embarrassed by something pregnancy was causing.

Tuesday rolled around and i was to the point of complete sanity loss.  I had an apt with my attorney (stupid landlord issues) and i was determined to make my apt.  When my husband made it home for lunch, he had other ideas.  Off to the hospital we went.. again.  I was determined that if i was going to spend another day in the hospital, i wasn't leaving with out some sort of answer.  So we waited. and waited.. and waited.  We had a different doctor but she eventually found time between deliveries to stop by our room.  She started with the same pattern as the previous doctor.  She was going to test the fluid.  She started out with the same issue... there wasn't any fluid for her to swab.  I was dialed to 1/2 but no fluid.... Until she was almost done.  She managed to get just a drip.  That drip was the solution.  It was amniotic fluid.  

I was being admitted.   55 hours with a broken water, in labor, and i was FINALLY being admitted.  It had began. 

I couldn't use the labor tub due to infection risk but they eventually got me set up.  

For those of you who don't know, 55 hours is a LONG time and super dangerous.  The longer a water is broke the higher risk of infection and they were watching me like a hawk.  

They got me started on pitocin to "induce" labor.  
A couple hours later:  I still wasn't feeling the contractions but i was dilating.. slowly, but surely.
A couple more hours and i had dialed to a 3 and i was starting to feel the contractions.  
They put in a catheter to check the contraction more accurately.  That catheter put me over the edge.  I was READY for an epidural.   There was no point in holding off if i couldn't do an underwater birth, contractions were only going to get worse, and i was dilating slowly enough that i was starting to picture a c-section. 

The worse part about the epidural:  Having to sit still during a contraction.
They did get the epidural in and it was amazing.  It was beautiful.  I should have gotten it before the catheter.  

We went back to waiting.  I finally hit the 4 cm dilation mark but my temperature was 104.2 and baby was starting to get wacky. 

At one point, i was half awake/half asleep, when the nurse came in to check and couldn't recognize baby's heart rate.  She called in other nurses, they had to all flip me over (i couldn't move due to the epidural) and i was panicking.  They turned the pitocin off, brought out an oxygen mask, called in another DR, and pulled out the ultrasound machine.  They stuck me a shot of who knows what and I had already hit full panic mode.  Patrick woke up and was doing everything in his power to keep me from passing out.  I still cry thinking about the fear in my veins.  Just as they were pulling in another bed, they found baby girl's heart beat.  

It wasn't long after that, i had been dilated to 4 for 4 hours.  I was no longer on the pitocin.  I had been in active labor for a total of 12 hours. The nurse was checking my contraction and i told her that if i didn't make progress soon i was going to have discuss a c-section with the Dr.  
Less than 5 min later, the nurse hadn't even left the room yet, and the Dr came in to tell me my temperature was concerning, baby was concerning, and she thought we needed to consider other routes because they really needed to get baby out.  Since i had just been talking about it, i of course agreed. 

Everything after that point was a blur.

Less than 5 min and the anestitian was in there going over processes.  Less than half an hour and Patrick was taken to a room to get scrubs on and i was being wheeled to surgery. 
I remember, at some point i was freaking out without patrick.  I cried because i was scared. I cried because i was excited.  I cried because i wanted my husband.

I was strapped to a table and a tent set up in front of me.
The anastian began pumping me with fluid.  Testing every couple min for feeling.

I heard the doctor call for the incision to be made and panic began to set in again.  Patrick wasn't in there yet and i could NOT do this without him.  They went to get him and it was utter relief to see him walk in. 

I cried.  Everyone asked if it hurt.  I explained i was excited.  I cried again.

I could feel them tugging.  I could feel my insides being moved around... all the advice people hand around, and NO ONE prepared me for the feeling of a c-section.  I could feel everything being moved around.  I could feel baby being pulled out. It was surreal.  Patrick was there talking me through it.

And then she coohed.  and i cried.  They took baby and Patrick to the warming table to get everything cut and cleaned.  

I was left cold and alone, with out baby, while they put everything back in and sewed me up.  The next few min were the loneliest moments of my entire life.  I wanted to see my baby.  I wanted to see my husband but i felt like everyone in the room had forgotten i was there, exposed on the hard table.

I realize this isn't exactly true as i had an entire team still working on putting me back together, but it's how i felt.  

My husband brought baby girl over to me for a moment before they took them up to the room and i was left even more alone as the sound of them left the room. 

Thank God the anestisian (still can't figure out how to spell that) was like an angel and knocked me out for the rest of it.  I don't remember the conversation or him doing it, but the next thing i remember is waking up in recovery confused and high.  I remember crying and laughing and though i can't remember what was said, i remember saying some really outlandish things to the guy taking my stats.  

Once i was coherent again, they took me up to the room where i could see my husband and baby.  I've never felt such a need for someone in my life as the moment i saw my husband and baby.  

I saw them and my world was complete.

That is the story of my pregnancy and Auna's birth (i'll conclude the hospital stay in the next post)


surviving pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

When i was pregnant, there were so many tips of "things to do before baby arrives".  After Auna was born, there were so many tips of "things to do after baby is born".

So here is my list of things to do before, during, and after baby:

Relax.  Have a baby.  Enjoy said baby.

That is it.

Hope all of my advice and tips help : )


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

One big happy family.

We're missing the dogs, but we finally got a picture with the three of us!


It is amazing to me how some people are famous from childhood and some people become famous over night.  How does that happen?  I'm talking about That rousey lady...  I don't watch fighting.  I had never heard of her... and then one day she is all over every channel and web page.
Don't get me wrong,  I like her and don't mind.  I just think its strange how that happens.  I guess it just takes the right person seeing you and taking interest and you become the new talk of the town.

At least she's actually cool : )
The last article is saw, she was calling bieber out for being a jerk to her little sister....  She is such a normal person that got thrown into the spotlight.

Welcome to celebratihood.


Saturday, October 03, 2015

Back to work

Official back in the work force.
and i love it : )

Bartended a wedding tonight... made a couple bucks.... talked to adults without a baby screaming in the background.

It was wonderfull.

Hello again world : )

Thursday, October 01, 2015

heart thief

Auna banana is a little heart breaker.  Now she is stealing the heart of my husbands dog....  she has her wrapped around her finger!  This dog won't hardly leave her side :)

Sucked Raw

Auna Banana is 8 weeks.  I am officially done pumping.

I spent the first couple weeks breast feeding.  Then i switched to pumping so that daddy could help relieve some of the stress of feeding.
When i started pumping, my supply dropped dramatically.
We started formula and pumping 3-4 times a day.

EVERYONE has breastfeeding/pumping advice.  I listened to all of it.  We tried power pumping.  We tried drinking shit tons of water.  We tried a million different "solutions".
I went on Reglan and my supply sky rocketed.
The problem is, my production did not.  I had clogged ducts. I had engorgement.  I ended up with Mastitis.  We went on an antibiotic to help with the mastitis.
About the time the mastitis cleared up, i dropped the reglan and dropped to pumping twice (sometimes three times) a day.

I was exaughsted and stressed.  I didn't feel attractive.  My leaky and tender boobs made me feel like a cow despite my drastic weight loss.

The solution?  I've stopped pumping.

I'm not giving up.  I'm not quitting because i'm out of solutions.  I'm done because it is time.
This morning, i laid in bed with my precious baby girl and cuddled.  I didn't have to rush to get up to pump.  Tonight, i'm going to make love to my awesome husband instead of pumping when i really don't want to.

I know i will continue to receive advice from everyone and anyone...  Mothers telling me that i need to drink mothers milk tea or "supportive" friends telling me i will regret it like they did and that i should just push through it.

Some people love breast feeding, but for us it just wasn't worth it.
The thing is, I feel good.  I love being able to relax instead of circling my entire schedule around pumping.  I love being able to write this blog without juggling plastic bottles suctioned to me like a milk cow.  I love not being covered in milk after getting out of the shower.  I love WANTING to hold my baby instead of dreading it.

There is so much pressure to "make breastfeeding work".  Everyone wants to be supportive so that women can be "successful" at it.  They make those that don't breastfeed feel pressured into something that is NOT best for them and their child.  My husband had to remind me that he supports the decisions i make even if others don't.  He has been there for this entire journey.  For those that don't have that support structure (and those that do too), check out this article, Stop breastfeeding without the guilt by Inspired Mama.  It was refreshing when i was trying to break the pressure and really didn't want to keep going.

And input:  I can't decide if i want to keep my baby blog and this blog separate or if i should just combine them into one blog.

Mi famila

This page is being removed and combined with my about me page so here is the record of it:

First in my life is the man of my dreams. His name is Patrick. He is amazing.

Then there is My puppy dog, George. He is a great dane, clumsy, goofy, and down right lazy.

Next is my two girls, Lilly and Molly. Lilly is King Charles Cavelier Spaniel. She is fully lap dog and the sweetest thing on four paws. Molly is a Lab/Retriever. She is the most energetic dog anyone has ever met.

There is also Charli. Charli is now part of another family back home(due to my dumb ex-husband). However, i am sure he is still a mischevious little munchkin.

 That's right, i'm the crazy dog lady... but this is my family. Soon, i will be adding to this list. For now, it is my amazing husband and three dogs. 

 loveheartsduh BeeMo

About me Revamp.

Its that time again...  here is the one i'm replacing.

We'll start with my name.  My name is BeeMo.  I am married to a guy named Patrick and he is really awesome. We are mid 20's with three dogs, they are crazy, especially together.
We live in a small town and we drive jeeps.  I play the violin.  I love traveling the world.  I am slightly random and very social. 
I have grown up in the water and lifeguarded since i was old enough to work.
I also Bartend.... i mix drinks and end up friends with everyone that walks in my bar.

This is just the basics and i know i am missing a shit ton of stuff.  If your interested in finding out more, check out my blog : )

check out my first post to this blog (introduction to my life):  Here   
about me page numero dos (time to update): here
about me page numero tres. (moving forward): here
and my most recent update (The past is the past.)here


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

making room for baby.

we've finished our lovely nursery.  we've started on auna's bathroom... and now we created a playroom for our nieces... time to get crafting :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

fashion revamp

stay tuned for my new style.  mother = new view on style.

project Done.

I've been talking years about redoing the bench handed down to me.   My awesome husband finally did it for me :)
.. he even made side tables to match !!

desperate need of a real camera.

Now that i have a muse, i need a little step up in the camera department...  I love my little angel and she is such a perfect model : )

and officially 0-3 is another reason to shoot :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A little more color in my life

A a little over a year ago i wrote "Unicorn Snot".  I was celebrating my official divorce.  I celebrated with the color run.  It was my first color run and i did it with the man that is now my amazing husband.  That day was a blast.  I can still remember the sweet joy of being done with my past and the hope i had for the future.  I never would have pictured how much would happen in a year or how happy i would become.  I never foresaw how fulfilled my life would become.

Today,  we did our second color run.  Patricks brother and their family did it with us.  It was so refreshing to be reminded of where i came from and everything Patrick has helped me through as well as how amazing he has been.

And without further aduo:  Proof of our rainbow status : )

And of course, i must include our fellow comrades:

And of course, i must include our fellow comrades:


A new muse

With everything new, comes an fresh excitement.  With our new baby, i have renewed excitement, photography.  Just as my blogging ebs in and out, so does my photography.  Except my relationship with photography has been on the outs for quite some time.  Now, I want to record every breathing second with our new baby.  She is so beautiful and captivating.  Every moment i never know what to expect.  Even in the midst of frustration, i find myself wanting to store away her facial expression and achievements.  Auna is now my new muse.

I've tried to keep most of my baby posts separate.  They are over on my baby blog. I'm not sure how separate it will stay now that she has become my muse to everything i do.  Every project i do seems to focus around her.  My home decor, my sewing, my photography, she is my new focus to all of it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Living on Post

I mentioned in my last post that we might be moving.... Well, It's official.  We have moved.  Not only did we move, but we moved onto post.  This is something we never thought we would do, but now that we have, we love it!!  I will be posting photos soon.  For now, I'm glad i don't have to worry about moving after Auna is born : )

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pinterest and moving

I've had over 38 people start following me in the past week....   I'm not sure what happened, but all the sudden my pinterest is something interest : )

On other news:  We might be moving soon : )  Our lease is up Sept 30 and i really thought we were going to wait until then to move.  I was dreading moving 2 weeks after Auna is born.
Now, we are considering living on post and moving in the next month.  It will cost a bit more as we will have to pay rent for two places for a month, but at least i can get everything set up and focus more on relaxing once Auna does get here : )

I am hoarding all the pinterest ideas i can for our, hopefully soon, move!

Bee MO

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Pinterest: It's a sign!

I know i sometimes slack on staying up to date blog wise, but apparently i do not slack in the Pinterest department... apparently that is my real addiction!

How do i know i have an addiction?  This is what popped up when i logged on today:

hahahah. I couldn't stop laughing!!

Happy Pinteresting : )

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bathroom shelving

I posted awhile back that i would post the shelf my awesome husband made for me.  I finally got to take pictures.

Very simple, but amazing.  Perfectly rustic to go with the horse collar mirror and still as sturdy as they come.  I love it. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Project Violin

I don't even know how long i've been searching for a cheap violin that i could take apart and paint.  Even walmart violins are $100+.

Today, i didn't find violins, but i did find violas and that is pretty darn close.  I still have to pick them up, but i am stoked to start my art projects : )

I'm def. no professional, but i still love these ideas:

Random Google result without accurate link:


I like the first one the most, but i think the bottom one is the most realistic.  If i could manage to take it all apart without the spoke inside falling down, i will do the top one.  I am pretty sure the spoke will fall down as soon as i take the bridge off in which case the bottom bight be the most realist goal. However, I like how the individual pieces are also painted in the middle photo.  I might just do a combination of all three.  Either way, i am STOKED!

I also want to come up with a creative substitute for the pegs that hold the strings taunt.  I want to use the original pegs for earings and something a little more creative for the project ... I don't know if i'll come up with anything or not, but that is my goal.

Bee Mo : )

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friends and family

I have already learned a lot in life, but it still amazes me when i see one of those life lessons flash before my eyes.

Take my friend Aprille For example...  We rarely speak, maybe once or twice a year, but we're still amazing friends.... or at least i would still consider her an amazing friend.   When my bridesmaids couldn't make it to my ex-wedding, she stepped up and was there for me.  Now, we've spoke maybe three times in the past three years, and yet she would still be there if i ever needed her.  She is just as excited as me about Auna baby and i would do just about anything for her.

Then i have my friend Sam, who after one disagreement unfriended me.  After a couple attempts to make contact, i gave up.  Then when things turned for the worst for them, they decided they wanted to be friends with me again.

It's amazing the differences.  Neither of them are alone.  There are a list of friends that i only talk to once in a while and i would do anything for and there are a list of "friends" who i wouldn't consider asking for help if i was dying and they were the last person alive.  

After all of the relationships i've had in life, i've learned that the real friends are the ones i would call family.... the rest are just glimpses of what you think is a friend at the time, but would never really be able to rely on.

Patrick says i'm too nice.  No matter how real a friend or how much they are just there because they enjoy the company, i can't help but be there.  I wouldn't give up my life savings for both kinds, i wouldn't risk my job or my life for both kinds, but i would listen to even the lowest of "friends".  One of the life lessons i've learned in life:  you never know where someone else is in life.  Taking time to listen to someone isn't taking anything from my life, and you never know what it means to someone else....  Why not just listen to them?  It doesn't mean you have to trust them or rely on them, but you never know what it could do for their life.... + Karma is a Bitch : )

 - Bee Mo

PS. I just ran across an old family portrait 
while looking back on old posts. 2010 
... Until Cerrin lost our baby, 
Stewart, when it was her turn for custody. 
haha.  How does that happen?

SERIES: Find someplace beautiful to get lost

-Grand Turk

Carnival Towels

While TSA might have been a complete waste of time, it was worth getting to ship where our room steward made our beds in the morning, folded us adorable towels at lunch, and pulled back our sheets in the evening.

I loved all the towel animals he made for us : )


Patrick and i started our vacation, last week, with a Flight out of Kansas City.  we arrived 3 hours early and was there before the front desk was even open.  While we were waiting, we stopped a TSA agent (in TSA attire) to figure out where to pack the Zippo lighter i had bought him for a wedding gift.  The agent told us that checked luggage is the place for it.

when we arrived at Carnival, we opened our luggage only to discover his lighter had been confiscated.  After calling TSA and DELTA, i have yet to receive an apology for the incorrect information or an effort to fix the problem.  So, because TSA gave us wrong information and then that same company confiscated what they said they wouldn't, i am now on the hunt for another lighter and dishing out quite a chunk to get a new one engraved.

I've never been a fan of TSA and they continue to stand up to my standards of laziness, inconvenience,  unintelligent, and uselessness.
But it gets better... as awesome as TSA is and has always been:

I've always had a stand against the body scanners due their original graphic intrusion on privacy.  On our first flight, i opt'ed out due to my safety concerns for unborn Auna combined with my previous stand.   The TSA lady asked me if i had any areas that were tender or sensitive.  Looking back, i should have told her "i'm pregnant, would you care to rephrase that question" instead i told her "i'm pregnant, my boobs are especially tender"  She didn't find it funny...  but i did get a gimps at the scanners that are now used and realized that they are not intrusive or overly revealing.

On our flight back, after talking to patrick about the waves they use, i decided to give it a try.
As i stepped into the scanners the TSA lady told me to empty my pockets "they're empty" She patted my belly and directed me to empty all of my pockets.  I was appalled "That is a baby, there is really nothing i can do about that right now".  She was definitely shocked but con't on by directing me to put my hands in the air.  I obeyed but appearently not well enough as she told me to put them "all the way up" ... I don't know if you've ever been pregnant before but my response was not exaggerated as i told her i couldn't put them up any higher.  She was the nicest agent i've dealt with as she congratulated me and sent me on my way...  It didn't take long before my stomach muscles loosed back up.  At least with this agent, Patrick and i had something to make fun of instead of just getting frustrated.

So TSA is STILL standing up to my expectations and will remain on my shit list of companies/people that i will not support.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We're back : )

The Caribbean was amazing!  7 days was just not long enough but yet i was completely ready to get home to my puppies!

 On our way there, in anticipation of arrival:

We loved our room.  It was a corner room which meant lots of 
extra space (not that i mattered since we weren't in there much):

At MOHO beach, the planes would take off so close 
to the beach that it would blow people into the ocean: 

The one picture i really wanted was with the monkeys:

Our goal for San Juan was to see the forts, we got a little distracted by 
the beach which was shortly followed by a walk through the ghetto:

Patrick's One goal was to see Margaritaville.  We went with our dinner 
table mates and they not only got to see, but conquored Margaritaville:

The flight back... a little longer than planned, 
here is the line of 40+ planes waiting in line to take off:

We might have spent a little more than planned in the casino, but it was well worth it and the entire trip was AMAZING!  Now we are both counting down to our next Cruise.