Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flickr finds: Brick walls

I love brick walls.

It's like a little bit of outside brought in.

Brick walls are the perfect medium between rustic, vintage, and classy all brought together.

I especially love the combination of brick walls, wood flooring, and a chandelier to top it off.


made by twelve south

Maybe a little to expensive for my budget.... but if you're in the market for a new computer case this is the perfect mix of protection and awesomeness.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yesterday i got a bright idea... i thought i'd race will across the street. Bad idea. No need to say that i lost.

Monday, January 25, 2010

stupid bride.

I'm watching TLC "the dress" and it kills me. These girls go to plan their wedding and the mothers seem to make more decisions than the bride does. If you know what you want, why would you let someone else change your mind... "oh this is the dress my mother loves" "oooh my mother doesn't like that veil" .. ect. Why? i mean really? I can understand the budget thing, but if i find the dress of my dreams and it's in the budget, why would i not get it?

Lucky for me that my dress is already made. The rest of the plans will be pretty indifferent so i wont have to stress near as much as these silly brides with 25,000 dollar budgets.

All i need:
Tables, preacher, invites, cake, punch, plates, cups, forks, welcome sign, and MAYBE a photo booth... Those are the only things i'm worried about; everything else will take care on it's own.

Your definition

You are not defined by your name.
Or your fears
Or your failures.

You choose your own definition.
You choose your own character.
You create your self.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

burning calm.

She sees voices, she breaths blue

"Freedom is the choice to be human"

Everyone always talks about "growing their wings" But everyone around me is so concerned with fitting in and blending in and being 'normal' That they've not even seen the feathers following in their wake. The ones that have learned to fly come. "The angels will knock at your door, but you will not recognize them and you will hunt them"
They are coming to teach you how to spread the wings that you cant see. They are coming to help you in the differences you bare, but you ignore the screams as you cut the wings from your back. The pain of being different is too much for you to bear and so you will cut them from your body. You will still feel the desire that burns into your soul - the desire to fly above the world. But you will never satisfy because you already ripped that destiny from your flesh as you tried to blend in with the river of humanity.
"I want to trust humanity
I need to trust humanity."
They just might accept you one day, but look at what they've made you into. Look at what your chase has led to. And now you will join in the chase as another angel knocks at the door you'll forget the desire you had and you will break them down as you attempt to make them another rain drop evaperated. The beauty is disapearing as they are hunted and abused for the differences that they embraced. Slowly, the love and inspiration that they hold are fading into the darkness like a pixie not believed in.

The fight is more pain than i can bare.

*photos by himitsuhana and Rufa

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

boo on you school.

Last semester. Im almost there. This semester i have enrolled in two.. thats right.... TWO classes. Bio for non-science majors (because we all know i would die before i attempt science as a major) and math 116 ( to fullfill a buisness class) both of them are online and both of them suck. So now i have began a quest to do as little work as possible in these two wanna be classes. I took my first quiz in bio yesterday and got a 73. Im hoping to possibly find an employee... someone who is willing to take the classes for me : ) Im not sure how much you would pay someone for doing something like that - but i'm sure it would be worth it. So far, no one has bit, so wish me luck. I'm diving into my last semester as a wanna be loser : )

Monday, January 18, 2010

break in the cold

Today's tempature is 53. The highest it's been in several months... Thank God. I went for a bike ride. Went running, stopped at an antique shop. I cleaned the yard, and did the laundry.
It's so nice to get dirty once in a while and really get something done : )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The working man show

There is now a facebook page for My boyfriend's radio show: check it out

Living Room

This would be a cool name for a bar.
"Hey let's go to the living room for a drink tonight"
Or "The Door" that would be a cool name.

Another beer please

Todays good. I woke up, not too late but defently not early. Now i'm doing laundry and cleaning a house that is not quite yet mine.

Music is good.
Love is better.
But to love is a music all it's own.

Let's play our own song : )

mhmh, good

it looks good to me

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beautiful clip boards

Desire to inspire Posted a blog today on flickr finds:
and o boy do i now want to go buy clip boards or what!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Marie Digby

Hey voice is so beautifully pure.
I've never heard a voice so clear without music or editing.
It's naturally alluring.

A kid with the wrong name.

Another friend is gone. I can't be friends with him, or even an aquintence, if hes gonna be dramatic and inmature like that.

keep me cool this summer

I am trying to update the ceiliing fans in my house... not much luck.
I can't paint them - it streaks.
I can't spray paint them - it bloches...
so now i'm still at step 1.

I need some insperations.

If you want drama, try out for a play.

I really really r e a l l y hate people who thrive off of drama. I'm not saying that no one should EVER cause drama because we all know that sometimes we get drawn into it by circumstances. It's those people who throw fits about nothing that really drive me up the wall. People who complain just to get other people in trouble or make a big scene out of something small and then gossip about it to get other people to dislike that 'something small' also...... those are the people that i really want to punch in the face. i see some people that are trying to do some good in the world and then some jerk face has to come make a complaint. I hate it when sometimes you try to give people a little plublicity or a shout out and then some nobody gets upset that you like something that they don't. It drives me crazy. I don't see why people can't just chill out.
It really makes me laugh inside when guys do this. It happens all the time - some guy will like me and he'll really tell me how awesome i am. They invite me to hang out with them. They tell me everything i want to hear. When we are in public they are polite to the general public.
Then, when they don't know i'm there, i see them from afar. When they don't know i'm watching i see them give a dirty look to a nice waiter or i see them talk back to the bouncer or i overhear them gossiping dirty about the girl with the short skirt. The other day i was online as someone else and the guy that had been crushing me blew up at me because of something that was meant to flatter him.
It's funny how when people think you're watching they put on this face like they are really chill and really laid back but as soon as you're not watching you see how they stab people in the back and make big scenes about little things.
I personally, don't care. You can try and drag me in but i am pretty 1 demensional. You see me how i am and you can take it or leave it. If you don't like how i'm living, that's fine; i'm not about to change for you and if you don't like it you should leave cause i'll tell you exactly who i am.... that doesn't mean that i'm rude or mean or overly blunt. It just means that i'm gonna be straight out and honest. If you have a problem with it, you can try and cause drama, you can try to change me and try to make a big scene out of it.... but i'm not biting on your drama. I really don't care if you dislike me - that's your problem.

I'm just saying that i REALLY hate drama. There are times when everybody is drawn in and you have to confront it head on. ... but i'm not getting tied up in it.... I'm NOT going to be like them. I would prefear to stay off the stage. thankyou very much.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

a cold day of work

I knew when Will got sick that it was only a matter of time before it hit me too... well, now it's hit.
I am working a 12 hour day today; and with a stopped up head and a churning stomache. I'll make it through, but i am deffintly not looking forward to it.
1-7 i am working my first day behind the bar by myself.
7-1 i am putting in hours at the warehouse.
I am actually quite nervous about the cellar, but i know that i'll be just fine as long as i take a deep breath and keep pushing.
I figure that since this is the saturday after new years it shouldn't be too busy, but i am very scared that it will get really busy and people will order wierd drinks that i don't know.
It's ok.
I'll be fine.
bring it on work.

12 hour day, here i come.

Friday, January 01, 2010


2009 Resolutions:
Bench 215 in the 132 weight class: FAIL
be able to run 5 or 6 miles on any given day: FAIL
read every book in the bible: FAIL
Decide on a major: kind of fail: i decided i'm officailly not going past my associates, but i did make a decision, so not a total fail
make more music: FAIL
smile more and care less: FAIL. I've been less happy this year than last.
Road trip: some improvement, I went to fl and will has taken me several places, but not too much randomness.
Work on my bucket list: FAIL. i don't think i finished one thing on my list.
Stop bailing: SUCCESS.

and have fun: epic OK.... i had fun. but that's it

This year i HAVE to improve myself:
2010 resolutions:
blog more
worry less
have fun
get straight with God.
be healthy
Buy a jeep
roll in the mud.

- welcome to two-thousand and ten.