Tuesday, September 29, 2015

making room for baby.

we've finished our lovely nursery.  we've started on auna's bathroom... and now we created a playroom for our nieces... time to get crafting :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

fashion revamp

stay tuned for my new style.  mother = new view on style.

project Done.

I've been talking years about redoing the bench handed down to me.   My awesome husband finally did it for me :)
.. he even made side tables to match !!

desperate need of a real camera.

Now that i have a muse, i need a little step up in the camera department...  I love my little angel and she is such a perfect model : )

and officially 0-3 is another reason to shoot :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A little more color in my life

A a little over a year ago i wrote "Unicorn Snot".  I was celebrating my official divorce.  I celebrated with the color run.  It was my first color run and i did it with the man that is now my amazing husband.  That day was a blast.  I can still remember the sweet joy of being done with my past and the hope i had for the future.  I never would have pictured how much would happen in a year or how happy i would become.  I never foresaw how fulfilled my life would become.

Today,  we did our second color run.  Patricks brother and their family did it with us.  It was so refreshing to be reminded of where i came from and everything Patrick has helped me through as well as how amazing he has been.

And without further aduo:  Proof of our rainbow status : )

And of course, i must include our fellow comrades:

And of course, i must include our fellow comrades:


A new muse

With everything new, comes an fresh excitement.  With our new baby, i have renewed excitement, photography.  Just as my blogging ebs in and out, so does my photography.  Except my relationship with photography has been on the outs for quite some time.  Now, I want to record every breathing second with our new baby.  She is so beautiful and captivating.  Every moment i never know what to expect.  Even in the midst of frustration, i find myself wanting to store away her facial expression and achievements.  Auna is now my new muse.

I've tried to keep most of my baby posts separate.  They are over on my baby blog. I'm not sure how separate it will stay now that she has become my muse to everything i do.  Every project i do seems to focus around her.  My home decor, my sewing, my photography, she is my new focus to all of it.