Friday, November 26, 2010

jolly green christmas?

 I saw a little girl, at church last week, wearing a pink tutu and a black and white polka dot shirt with a matching head band and bottomed it off with hot pink tights.  I always love the way little kids can wear custumes or crazy clothes and people think its cute….  I want to be inspired by their carefree, imaginative ideas.  They never care if anyone else likes the outfit, as long as the do…. I used this to inspire my green tights. 

The style seems to be wearing knee length cotton dresses with a sweater and colored tights.  This just seems too motherly for me…. And a little on the boring/ cautious side.

I pulled out my green tights this morning. After some contemplating I decided on a lacey skirt that reminded me of a calm tutu.  I was going to top it with a green long sleeve shirt but when I realized it was still missing something I added a white pilgrimish top over it.   I defently can’t pull out green tights with a serious outfit, but I love them with  these fun combonations.

I decided the out fit looked more Christmas-y for thanksgiving; however, I am defently pulling out this costume in a week or two : ) 

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