Friday, November 05, 2010

tattoo numero 4?

"What nourishes me, destroys me". - Angelina Jolie
I actually just the the cross but i do like the location.

another one similar to Jolie's but a little smaller and a little more subtle.  I like how bold her's is but i like simple becase i'm not getting them as a statement but more for myself.  I think i still like Jolie's but this one is defently very high on my list of possibilities. 
This was on my list for the first couple tattoos but i always decided that it didn't fit what i was looking for. 

I don't know what the words would be but this is another location that i absolutely love.  It would also be a spot that is still hidden.  The one big concern would be stretching.  This is defently a location that could very easily stretch.    But i think i REALLY love the location and the way it is hidden but yet can be exposed and is still tough and unique but also very hot.

Rihanna has a lot of tattoos that i like and along with her hip, i also really like this one.    But it would still leave me with the decision of what the words would be.

I really don't know that i'm going to get another one too soon, but i am really wanting another tattoo.  I really have to decide on what i need this tattoo to represent and then i will be able to go from there

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