Sunday, May 24, 2015

Project Violin

I don't even know how long i've been searching for a cheap violin that i could take apart and paint.  Even walmart violins are $100+.

Today, i didn't find violins, but i did find violas and that is pretty darn close.  I still have to pick them up, but i am stoked to start my art projects : )

I'm def. no professional, but i still love these ideas:

Random Google result without accurate link:


I like the first one the most, but i think the bottom one is the most realistic.  If i could manage to take it all apart without the spoke inside falling down, i will do the top one.  I am pretty sure the spoke will fall down as soon as i take the bridge off in which case the bottom bight be the most realist goal. However, I like how the individual pieces are also painted in the middle photo.  I might just do a combination of all three.  Either way, i am STOKED!

I also want to come up with a creative substitute for the pegs that hold the strings taunt.  I want to use the original pegs for earings and something a little more creative for the project ... I don't know if i'll come up with anything or not, but that is my goal.

Bee Mo : )

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friends and family

I have already learned a lot in life, but it still amazes me when i see one of those life lessons flash before my eyes.

Take my friend Aprille For example...  We rarely speak, maybe once or twice a year, but we're still amazing friends.... or at least i would still consider her an amazing friend.   When my bridesmaids couldn't make it to my ex-wedding, she stepped up and was there for me.  Now, we've spoke maybe three times in the past three years, and yet she would still be there if i ever needed her.  She is just as excited as me about Auna baby and i would do just about anything for her.

Then i have my friend Sam, who after one disagreement unfriended me.  After a couple attempts to make contact, i gave up.  Then when things turned for the worst for them, they decided they wanted to be friends with me again.

It's amazing the differences.  Neither of them are alone.  There are a list of friends that i only talk to once in a while and i would do anything for and there are a list of "friends" who i wouldn't consider asking for help if i was dying and they were the last person alive.  

After all of the relationships i've had in life, i've learned that the real friends are the ones i would call family.... the rest are just glimpses of what you think is a friend at the time, but would never really be able to rely on.

Patrick says i'm too nice.  No matter how real a friend or how much they are just there because they enjoy the company, i can't help but be there.  I wouldn't give up my life savings for both kinds, i wouldn't risk my job or my life for both kinds, but i would listen to even the lowest of "friends".  One of the life lessons i've learned in life:  you never know where someone else is in life.  Taking time to listen to someone isn't taking anything from my life, and you never know what it means to someone else....  Why not just listen to them?  It doesn't mean you have to trust them or rely on them, but you never know what it could do for their life.... + Karma is a Bitch : )

 - Bee Mo

PS. I just ran across an old family portrait 
while looking back on old posts. 2010 
... Until Cerrin lost our baby, 
Stewart, when it was her turn for custody. 
haha.  How does that happen?

SERIES: Find someplace beautiful to get lost

-Grand Turk

Carnival Towels

While TSA might have been a complete waste of time, it was worth getting to ship where our room steward made our beds in the morning, folded us adorable towels at lunch, and pulled back our sheets in the evening.

I loved all the towel animals he made for us : )


Patrick and i started our vacation, last week, with a Flight out of Kansas City.  we arrived 3 hours early and was there before the front desk was even open.  While we were waiting, we stopped a TSA agent (in TSA attire) to figure out where to pack the Zippo lighter i had bought him for a wedding gift.  The agent told us that checked luggage is the place for it.

when we arrived at Carnival, we opened our luggage only to discover his lighter had been confiscated.  After calling TSA and DELTA, i have yet to receive an apology for the incorrect information or an effort to fix the problem.  So, because TSA gave us wrong information and then that same company confiscated what they said they wouldn't, i am now on the hunt for another lighter and dishing out quite a chunk to get a new one engraved.

I've never been a fan of TSA and they continue to stand up to my standards of laziness, inconvenience,  unintelligent, and uselessness.
But it gets better... as awesome as TSA is and has always been:

I've always had a stand against the body scanners due their original graphic intrusion on privacy.  On our first flight, i opt'ed out due to my safety concerns for unborn Auna combined with my previous stand.   The TSA lady asked me if i had any areas that were tender or sensitive.  Looking back, i should have told her "i'm pregnant, would you care to rephrase that question" instead i told her "i'm pregnant, my boobs are especially tender"  She didn't find it funny...  but i did get a gimps at the scanners that are now used and realized that they are not intrusive or overly revealing.

On our flight back, after talking to patrick about the waves they use, i decided to give it a try.
As i stepped into the scanners the TSA lady told me to empty my pockets "they're empty" She patted my belly and directed me to empty all of my pockets.  I was appalled "That is a baby, there is really nothing i can do about that right now".  She was definitely shocked but con't on by directing me to put my hands in the air.  I obeyed but appearently not well enough as she told me to put them "all the way up" ... I don't know if you've ever been pregnant before but my response was not exaggerated as i told her i couldn't put them up any higher.  She was the nicest agent i've dealt with as she congratulated me and sent me on my way...  It didn't take long before my stomach muscles loosed back up.  At least with this agent, Patrick and i had something to make fun of instead of just getting frustrated.

So TSA is STILL standing up to my expectations and will remain on my shit list of companies/people that i will not support.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We're back : )

The Caribbean was amazing!  7 days was just not long enough but yet i was completely ready to get home to my puppies!

 On our way there, in anticipation of arrival:

We loved our room.  It was a corner room which meant lots of 
extra space (not that i mattered since we weren't in there much):

At MOHO beach, the planes would take off so close 
to the beach that it would blow people into the ocean: 

The one picture i really wanted was with the monkeys:

Our goal for San Juan was to see the forts, we got a little distracted by 
the beach which was shortly followed by a walk through the ghetto:

Patrick's One goal was to see Margaritaville.  We went with our dinner 
table mates and they not only got to see, but conquored Margaritaville:

The flight back... a little longer than planned, 
here is the line of 40+ planes waiting in line to take off:

We might have spent a little more than planned in the casino, but it was well worth it and the entire trip was AMAZING!  Now we are both counting down to our next Cruise. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


All the projects that my husband i do together make me happy.  Of course, truth be told, he does most the work and then i just help.  Unless sewing is involved... and then i do most of that and he just helps : )

Our latest project which you have already seen if you follow me on Pinterest:

I am pretty stoked about the finished product.  I have always wanted to do this, but my husband actually stepped up and made it... I just watched for the most part. lol.  


I don't know how many of you Pinterest, but i absolutely love it!  I like to google random photos too, but Pinterest really weeds out some of the stupid results that google comes up with and leaves me with a crafty base to start with : )

Check out my Pinterest.  It is focused mainly on fashion and home design, but it's got some other things pinned on there : )

Pinterest : )

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Barefoot and Pregnant.

24 weeks into this pregnancy,  drinking is really off limits.  However, all the research i've read, a glass of wine here or there is nothing even slightly frowned upon in the medical field.

With that said, the wine i would be choosing is Barefoot.  I wrote a blog about their Mascoto back a LONG time ago (here).  I would still agree with everything i wrote back then, but my pallet has defintly changed quite a bit since then.  If i were to choose a barefoot today, it would be Malbec.   Malbec has a nice flavor to it.  While merlot and chardonnays tend to be bland to my taste buds, Malbec has a spice that will keep your mouth entertained with every sip.  Perfect at room temperature, It has enough flavor that even sweet wine drinkers would consider this wine after tasting it chilled.
Besides the Malbec, Barefoot tends to make decent wine all around.  It is a basic wine, nothing too over the top, but even experienced wine drinkers won't turn their nose at barefoot (most the time).  It also have a perfect price tag in my book : )  Ranging 5-15 (depending on location),  It's quality would never give away the low price tag. 

Their website describes it as : "Barefoot Malbec is a plush red wine of epic proportions. Big juicy flavors of blackberry and currant set sail on a gorgeous gust of vanilla, caramel and toasted oak."
I would agree with every inch of this description.

Now that i've dissected my opinion of their wine, i will have to add that i like this company in general.   I received an email from one of their reps a couple weeks ago.  He just wanted to introduce himself and let me know that he enjoyed the blogs that i wrote about wine.   I thought it was nice that he took the time just to say hi for no real reason: )  Of course, their wine quality is way more important than their social standing, but it's always nice when the products i like are backed by quality people.  

With that said, I know i will never be able to party like i did at one time, but i am looking forward to being able to have a drink with friends or with dinner just for the heck of it.

With that said  * "Please drink responsibly"  : )