Tuesday, November 02, 2010

a few more girls in my life.

Life hasn’t quite turned out like I planned, but I know everything will pull through. I start coaching next week. It’s not really quite enough hours but between coaching and giving plasma I will make enough to get along until I find a job with more hours. I’m going to check on the warehouse and maybe Mississippi flyaway.

As for William T. ..

Little white church, Little big town:
You’ve been singing that same song far too long.
No more calling me baby
No more loving like crazy
Until you take me down to the little white church.

Momma warned me bout your game.
She don’t like you anyway
No more chicken and gravy
Aint gonna have your baby
Until you take me down to the little white church.

* shout out to my girls who have backed me up when everyone else was talking crap. Old friends and new friends, thanks for dishing the dislike that I should’ve dished myself but couldn’t. Thanks for being strong for me when my world was falling apart. You girls rock my world.

*ps. Kudos to me for finally having friends that are girls. … even if everyone of us dislike girls. For once i can say I have girl friends that actually rock.

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