Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A not so uptown bar.

Down town Carbondale, there is a little pub.  It’s called either Chicago pub or underground.  I’m not really sure.  I’ve heard both.  Anyone who’d lived in Carbondale very long has seen it.  It’s at the end of the strip.  Driving by it’s an up town brick building with a white picket fence around the beer garden. It is absolutely picturesque.
Last night I decided I needed to make a visit.  I’d been there years ago when it was under previous management, But a year of being closed normally changes a place. 
With the exterior presentation and the neon “underground” light welcoming in guest, the expectations where high.  It’s presentation took me to London underground.  I imagined high top tables in black and quite, romantic, brick red booths.  Maybe dim lighting and a sleek bar. 
The interior immediately disappointed me.  It reminded me of my grandmothers kitchen.  The liquor presentation was classy, but it ended there. With pale peach walls and a 60’s floral pattern for booths, I felt like I was in a bar without a budget.  The green bar top was frowned upon by WTS but I thought it would go well with a gold brown walling. 
While the décor was not top line, the service was.  After picking a seat at the bar, we were immediately waited on.  WTS and I dissected our opinion of the place and as conversation dwindled I realized that was nothing for my eyes to rest on.  With only two tables being occupied the place was too slow to people watch without being akward and while the idea of not having a tv was quaint, I decided it wasn’t appropriate for anyplace with a bar. 
Overall, the service was good.  The prices were middle range (Not high, but defently not cheap), though maybe a little high for a place with “behind the times” décor.  The décor was just unbearable.  It’s exterior is beautiful, but the interior was under the bottom for me…. Probably not my choice of bars to chill at since there is no entertainment. 
Despite the amazing service, I would give it maybe 2 stars due to the horrid atmosphere.  However, I would go back again under the right circumstances. 

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