Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Forgot to update

Since i've gotten to KS, i completely forgot to update on my new job, bartending and my new friend, Lindze.

So i started bartending at the Devil's Tail:
I am on days and have been working a crap ton.  I love my day shift.  I love my everyday regulars and i love being home early so that i can hang out with my husband every night.  

I did have a job offer with Fort riley Aquatics, but they have taken way too long to get moving with the hiring process, they pay less than the bar, and they would require me to work quite a bit later ever night.   I still have to call them back, but i have no desire to go on the path now that i got the bartending job.  Especially When i compare kicking children v.  slow calm days on behalf of my hope to be pregnant soon. ...  bartending is much less stressful and much more lenient. 

Patrick and i have also made a new friend.  Her name is Lindze.  She is a roller derby girl.  She is crazy just like Patrick and i. (Lindze on right)
She is a cook in the Army and so, naturally, she cooks for us quite often.  She is also very realistic about the way the world and people work and loves a good glass of wine as much as i.
She also has a puppy... a tiny little golden lab with a crap ton of energy.  

And last but not least... I changed Birth Control yesterday.  

I believe that is all; at least for now.  


How far i've come

I know i have not been married super long yet, but the difference are still amazing.
Even when i look at my past relationships at this time,  it was nothing like this.

I hate to be all mushy gooshy, but the unconditional love that is so easy to give and get is amazing.  It reminds me of the relationship i had with my father as a child.

It has been a long time since i had that same, unflawed, innocent, care for someone.
Even in the middle of my womanly irrational moodiness or his manly inconssiderate stubbornness, the care for each other gets us through it.  It's amazing.

All of the history i've been through, and this is undoubtedly still amazing to me.

I'm getting old and emotionally maturing and i am completely ok with that - which only makes me feel that much older : )