Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is that you're boyfriend?

open relationships, booty calls, “in a relationship”, just talking, friends with benefits, not together….. there are so many different titles and so many different types of relationships, but really they are all relationships that are tangled with emotion. 

Whether that person you’re sleeping with is part of a relationship or if you’re not together at all….. it’s still some sort of relationship.  Even if miniscule, there are still emotions and feelings tied in there…. Unless you’re like me, emotionless in every aspect.  Which title you choose decides what kind of relationship, but none the less it is still a relationship.

Take me and WTS for example,  We are not together.  We are going to get married someday.  We are NOT together, but I’m still in love with him.   You explain that relationship to me. laugh out loud.

In our society a booty call or one night stand isn’t such a frowned upon thing anymore.   People are looking for an emotional satisfaction with out the pain and trouble of a tied down relationship….. After the past year, I can understand why.   Perhaps there are more people, lost with emotion like me, than I realized.  Perhaps it helps you forget the reality of their pain and it prevents actual relationships.

The thing is,  we all want the security of a relationship.  The difference is what we end up getting tied into and what we decide to call it and how we want to treat it……. But it’s a satisfaction of . . . of something that we are all searching for.   Maybe it’s a need to be needed or a want to be wanted.    Even the boy who chases one night stands -  you take him and take away the attraction and he will fee like failure.  Even he is looking for the satisfaction of being wanted.  We, as people, are not made to be alone.   God saw man and made him woman and he saw all that was good and knew it was good.

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