Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My landlord believes she can screw me over. lol. She's about to get her butt blistered. The laws state that she has 30 days to give me a receipt of any deposit deductions from the day i MOVE OUT and 45 days from that day to give me the remaining deposit. If she doesn't give me a reciept she will owe me the entirety but 45 days. After that she will owe me double. lmao.

School days

There are so many thoughts that run through my imagination every day. Just sitting here in class brings words coursing through my system: White bare walls surrounding me, smell of number two pencils, strawberry red shines off my little school bag, She slides comfortably in to the blue plastic chair, The words smile off the black board at me. Today we are discussing the scientific method
Hypothesis: Tentative explanation

Monday, January 19, 2009

my own house would be nice.

Landlords and leases. It's all so frusterating. I don't understand how things can get so tounge tied. Good news is that my lease has been officially sub leased.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another bus stop.

Today was not an ordinary bus ride. When i was in line to get on, i got a strange feeling that the bus was inching backward; But i dismissed the thought when strange looks were directed at my verbalized thought. It wasn't long before those looks were regressed. As the last person got on, the driver got off for a bathroom break. No sooner than he was out of sight did the bus pick up to a noticable pace. There were few that actually acted in the excitement. As one boy reached the front ahead of me, our addrinaline calmed It's not every day that you see public transportation occure this kind of excitement. Every stop is timed to the near second, but today the ride home from school is the highlight of my week: "did i ever tell you about the time our driver forgot to put the bus in park when he got off?"

Good morning.

A cup of warm coffee in the morning, the warm sun illuminating your features and counteracting the brisk morning air, a good newspaper article to the sound of the busy street. It's a beautiful day. Good morning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bus stop

As i step onto the bus i realize today will be a busy day for the older driver known as Bob. Every seat is full and ass one retro dude quietly grumbles about standing up for the ride, i grab the over head rails and plant my feet. The opportunity to stand reminds me of the city which fills my dreams.

It strikes me as funny how dierse every one on this ride is. The kid to my left is sporting a pair of cowboy boots and an element skate jacket and a button up dress shirt. While the kid directly in front of me is shouting out his asian desent with is converse shoes and baggy skinny jeans.
The cowboy catches my eye. His style is very eclectic and i cant decide if he is a country boy caught up in a big city or if he was born city and trapped insided hickville. He tones out the world and their judgements with his ipod and while i know he observes the world around him [i caught him watching me from the corner of his eye] he still avoids the eyes of strangers.
But i guess i can't say much about the diversity serounding me because i don't exactly blend in with my black hair and hoop nose and lip rings paired with my lil brothers iguana tee and my red shiney heart bag. But the kid in the retro jacket and vans shoes and shaggy hair keeps his old day clear framed glasses focusing another direction so i am obviously not too bold with my style of statements.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I can't marry Peter

I want to grow up. I enjoy going to bed at 10 and getting up at 6. I like drinking coffee in the morning and working. I like having a schedule but i'm still a kid and until i'm grown up my friends will still be kids. Hanging out at 7 is unheard of and going running at 6 in the morning is phycotic. I'm ready to live and i'm ready to live in a world of adults. But i know that even once everyone grows up we will still be in high school. I can't live with Peter and the lost boys. we are past the stage of carelessness but not yet close to the stage of maturity.

brick roads

Brooklyn. But it's so cold outside. I want to move someplace really warm. That would be totally awesome if they moved Brooklyn to FL. . . then i would live there. I want to live someplace really really warm.

Phase 3

I love this vlog

are those cookies??

I have started a new ruotine [wow i don't know how to spell that] and part of it is eating healthy. but i just got the sudden urge to bake some cookies and so i did. . .. the only problem is that i didn't have any brown sugar and so i replaced it with white sugar. Appearently that is a bad idea because now my cookies look deformed. . . all the butter is seaping out of the cookies and the cookies are left butterless. . . they are not finished yet, but right now they are not coming along very well.

ok. after 10 minutes they are finally starting to look like cookies . . . it just may be OH KAY after all!! whoo.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I just about killed a lady today

I hate parking at the airport. . . i have only been mad one other time in my entire life.
Hooper says it was one of the scariest things she has ever seen.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Evansville, IN

I've played the violin as long as i can remember. In third grade, show and tell was the first time i played in front of people and it scared the daylight out of me. Now, 13 years later, i still avoid any attention. Yesterday, my room mate came home during my practice and i felt like he'd walked in on me changing. I am not very good (and i'm not just being modest) but for some reason people refuse to believe that. People who have never heard me don't understand when i tell them i don't want to play for them.
Unlike my mad skills, i know a handfull of violin players that could take your breath away with their talent. Among the, Ryan Jones. This past weekend his band, LoCash, played in Evansville where they Rocked the house. I drove up on Friday and came back on Sunday (yesterday) When i got back i was exaughsted, but this weekend was well worth it. Essay was here - oh i love that girl. She is so different than everybody else i know, but she really reminds me of myself. And her and Ryan are just too cute. I love seeing them together because they are so happy. But they aren't the only characters in this story. The trio is completed by Spaz. The Mocho merch guy absolutely kills me. . . and since it seems that he reads this blog - hey Spaz!!!!

The part that would normally come next, i'm thinking about leaving out - Now that i've brought up Spaz i would normally talk about the part he played this weekend, but because i know he reads this im' not sure what to say.
So i've thought about it - this is my blog and i don't care who reads it, i'm not gonna let it change what i write.

So. . . we'll now return you to your regularly schedule program.

I've actually lost my train of thought now. .
Spaz is still as interesting a character as last time we hung out. . . but. hmmm. I really can't remember where this was going. . . .

So yeah. This was a fun weekend. I feel like i was kind of out of it. I was so tired - i'm sure they thought i was really boring because i didn't ahve much to say. But it was still fun. Spaz still likes me, but i'm not sure why - especially this weekend, i was so boring and i'm not funny and the things i talk about don't seem like the kind of things that they are into. I don't know. I guess it doesn't really matter. I just feel bad - i like my bf and i feel bad every time i talk about him in front of guys that i know like me . . which just confuses me because if i don't talk about him i may be giving them false hope, but if i do than I can see the dissapointment on their faces. . . i think i'm just over thinking it. . . . anyway. . . .

LoCash has a new member - Steve, he plays the hermonica - how cool is that! and spaz got to play. He got to play, and sing! And the crowd went wild . lol

Chris kept flirting. lol. I wore a wig and he . . . .wow, i wish i had it on video. I don't think he knew how to deal with someone not melting over him. . . . But it was cool - you know, as long as he's nice then i have no reason not to be . . . .and Spaz was all over it "Oh this is one of my friends" lol But no - seriously - it was fine. It was a fun weekend.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

No new years kiss but my bf is asking me out.

This is the frist New Years that i've had a boyfriend during. But i still didn't get to mark that new years kiss of my bucket list.
Brian had to go back to NJ for break and so he wasn't here [in case you didn't figure out that 2+2]

So speaking of Brian and him not being here. . . i don't see how anyone that really liked their significant other could ever, EVER cheat.
At first, when Brian and i were just barely together and nothing was official, things were difficult. . When i went out i would text him constantly through out the night so that i could avoid the temptations of cheating. Now that i like him, i don't know i could ever even look another guy like that right now. Other guys hit on me and it's just not that difficult to be like "oh you like this hobby? ... So does my bf!"

I just realized that through this blog, i still haven't gotten to the topic that i actually wanted to talk about..
Brian asked me on a date. it was really cute. He said something about needing to take me on a date. and i was like "" but since we're already technically together i didn't really think anything of it. Later he asked me if i had any good ideas for a date and when he suggested dinner and a movie i was just like "oh cool. sounds like a date. lol" but then he was like "oh not yet! i have to ask you out first. so when i get back and ask you out i hope you are available." It was really cute. We are obviously a couple already but i guess someone got on to him because he didn't have a good story of how he asked me out.. . Aprille thought it was strange when i told her that he never actually asked me out. But just give it a week [he gets back in 7 days! whoohoo!] and then i'll be able to say that he asked me. LOL. I don't think it really matters, but the fact that he's going back now and fixing that is really super cute.


LoCash Cowboys.

LoCash sang "parade" on Fox News to let in the new year on Fox News

They also played "Loud"

2009 New Years Resolutions

welcome to 2009.

Bench 215 in the 132 weight class
be able to run 5 or 6 miles on any given day
read every book in the bible
Decide on a major [intercultural comm. or journalism or photography. . . whatever it is]
make more music
smile more and care less.
Road trip
Work on my bucket list
Stop bailing

and have fun!