Monday, November 08, 2010

heart or destiny?

"If you had to choose between your heart or your destiny?"
It comes off as a difficult question. When you in the moment of “love“ It seems like letting go would kill you.
However, why would you EVER choose something as frutal as an emotion over what you were made for? Whether it be love or hate or pain or loneliness or joy, it all seems as deep as your heart when your feeling that emotion. It’s not forever, not even the feeling of love. (maybe a decision to love, but not the emotion) It will NOT last, why would you let that be the base of ANY decision?

You’re destiny is what where made to fulfill. It’s not something you can just leave. Not something you can just forget about. It’s deeper that just an action and it’s embedded in your very being. It’s not something you can escape. How is there anything that could be more important than what you were made for? The only way I could escape my destiny is to escape my very being. You would have to seriously loose everything you are in order to let go of who you were made to be. . . . Not that that is an impossible task because I know personally that loosing yourself is more than possible (been there, done that)

If you had to choose between your heart or your destiny?
Why would you even think twice? You’re heart is just a frivolous capsule of emotion that flows that the Mississippi. Why would you let the determine any decision? I think I will choose my destiny. Do you still have a destiny after you loose everything you are? I hope so because it would give me a reason to live again. I suppose I still have a reason, I just have to find it again. After all, I do still love Jesus.

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