Sunday, December 23, 2012

An unwise man

When my husband and I first got engaged, the church we with said they wouldn't support us unless we moved our wedding back. At first, we obliged. After a month or two we both agreed that we felt god wanted us to elope and get married on the origional date.. We informed the church and then called my father... But the church had already called him to inform him of our "horrible decision" and had asked him to talk us out of it. My father would not. He was going to support us no matter what. But the church had already deprived us of asking for my dads blessing in the decision. And they went out to express their disapproval and unsupported of us and our marriage. Not we've been happily married and still after fights do not regret the decision to follow Jesus over one leader in the church. They never did apologize or decide to support us. Today my mother told me I was wrong for thinking that man is unwise. My mom is just as closed minded as he and I there was one thing in this event that I would change it is ever giving that guy the opportunity to Hurt us like he did

Saturday, December 08, 2012


I love you Charli

Due to the crazy tempatures or ak and the head on dislike Charli and my husband have for each other, I decided tht no matter how much I love Charli, he would be better in a more loving home. He is now the child of a ten ur old boy named dyl. Not going to lie.... I cried. But the lady was very nice an very comforting. So with the promise o regular updates, I mournfully let him go. Even though he was driving me crazy, I'm having a hard time. I bought Charli wen I lost my first child. He was my one boy and I loved his as so.... But at least he's in a better home

Good bye Charli

Tattoo número 5

I've wanted this tattoo since before my first attempt at mirage. It is just so difficult to find artists that will do finger tattoos little lone on fingers as petite as mine... And if they do they charge 60plus dollars because its a finger tat. I found this artist in an unlikely place and was impressed by his affordable min. It's super small but at least I wasn't robbed for it... And now my ich for it is satisfied.

I was originally going to get a key hole and Steve a key, but I didn't think it looked as good on my finger... I liked "love" but thought it seemed to cliche and oogly... Then I saw the infinity symbol on the Internet and knew tht was what I wanted

Monday, December 03, 2012

Poetry In a drunken mind.

I'm at poetry night. So fake. So guarded. I've read all of my old poetry in the last few min.... And I appritiate it more than I did before

Going global

I hope places like global gourmet are not absolete In fairbanks ak.

I've had more than one evening at this high class lounge. Tonight, I learned my most important lessons:
I like it stirred, not shaken.
..... And to be cont

Ps. Mrs craine's martinis r still my number 1

Sampling beer

Seconds of anticipation followed by adjustment of the pallet. I approve

Inspired by Bells Christmas ale.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today I'm drinking

Diabolically delicious stout. 4.5 starts. Similar to coffee or chocolate stouts