Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Boys and their ..... brains?

I'm not one to give the world all the dirty details.... so i wont :)  

However, i will say that boys still drive me crazy, and i don't mean the good kind of crazy.  They actually just annoy the snot out of me.   I like boys a lot, one more particularly than another.  What annoys me is the fact that they can't see that my heart is not exactly available. 
I enjoy going on dates and there is one particular boy that has caught my eye.  What i don't like is boys that call and call and call and then make akward hints that they like me when i'm clearly not taking their advances.   If you've been put in the friend zone there is probably a reason - because i just don't like you like that, and if you try to fight it you just end up annoying and loose the friendship all together.  
I don't have to be friends with you and if you can't understand that than i'm not really interested.  I'd say the majority of guys that i've ever even kind of dated always start as friends and if i decide that i like you than that's my decision.  Don't get mad at me just because i don't like you.  Don't get mad at me when you cross your lines.   I haven't taken your advances this far, what makes you think that complimenting me in a swim suite is going to be accepted?  Don't tell me how hot i am unless you are saying it in a simply friends sort of way because i will find your over - eagerness to see my body as an insult.  I don't really think i'm that attractive, but i know that a lot of guys do and i don't really need another person looking me up like a piece of jucy steak.  

Now if i do find you interesting and attractive enough to go on a date.... don't think that means i want to marry you.  Don't think i'm going to sleep with you just because we went on a date.  Don't think that i'm  want your body just because i want to cuddle.    Don't think that you have a chance at getting my heart just because i gave you a chance for a date.   
I might decide to sleep with you... but probably not,   i don't exactly agree with premarital sex.
I might find you charming and i might come to care about you.... that does NOT mean you have my heart.
So you should probably not get too attached because i'm not attached to you.
You probably shouldn't get to serious because i'm not a serious person.
You should probably gaurd your heart because i'm certainly gaurding mine... oh wait, i lost mine.
I would say that my heart is cold, but it's actually just gone all together.  so if you try to give me yours i just might crumble it so just don't do it.  

You want to go on a date?  sure.  I'll go on a date with you.  Just don't think it means that we're in a relationship because i'm really just not interested in getting to know you that well.   

Maybe one day i'll find my heart or maybe someone will give me a new one, but right now i am heartless and cold and just plain uninterested in anything that involves having a heart unless the person that has mine decides to share it with me : )

so all in all:   I'm tired of boy's advances, especially when they push it too far.  
I'm more interested in something fun and simple because that's all i really have to offer.  

I'm in love with someone else.  I'm sorry. 
I'm interested in someone who's leaving (it keeps things simple)
and really, all i need is myself.

Bee Mo.

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