Monday, November 19, 2012

On the move again.

Steve has finally got the offer that, i believe, he wanted from day one.  Yay.
The down fall:  it's in alaska.

As you've read and read...  i love fashion.  However, i'm not real sure how to look cute and dress warm (and warm is important seeing as i HATE cold)

I figure there is lots of snow and i love snowboarding so i can just take that look with me :)

Another look you wont see me bashing,  the good rugged lumberjack look:

I never thought lumber jacking or snowboarding would be a style id decide to take on for an everyday look....   guess i should have had a wider idea box. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leader of the pack

people aren't that much different than dogs... In high school, every click had its leader. Now that we're grown up, every family has its leader . ..... When there's not a leader, we make one. If neither parent leads, the children take control . My family, guess who's running it . Both my dogs are sleeping at my feet and my husband is not the one making the money yet...... But like I said, every pack wants a leader..... And I want mine.  I want my pack leader.... But someone has to lead..... If he won't, I will. I just can't wait for the day for him to win over

Sunday, November 04, 2012


I know I've not been very deligant in the posting department. But stay tuned because I'm turning that around :)

Silly boys

George is getting big and Charli is getting anry ( however you spell that). Gotta love my boys

1 yr

Though rough, we made it through the first year and through the first rough patch and moving on to the happy year :). And I am happier than ever with my handsome husband