Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's official, Charli is the only man i need.  Loml.  He's getting nuetered today :(  so i had to leave him at the vet and i'm kind of sad about that but at least it will be over with.  He's also getting his rabbies today which will finish off his puppy shots.  I'm so happy with the decision to get him.  He's officially my family.  

Love always.

size 4

Got new gauges yesterday.... 4g.  I'm pretty excited about my diamonds :) 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

punch 102

I have an update on getting punched.  Offericer Mathis came by yesterday to inform me that they had a line up for me.  I went in and half of them were too skinny.  Two of them were similar…. One uncanningly similar, but not familar enough for me to id.   So unless I see the guy on the street the case is suspended.  I will so that I was very grateful that the officers actually proceeded with the case and actually put effort forth. 

Monday, July 04, 2011

Pretty lights

And the best thing about july 4th.... other than the hot dogs, funnel cakes, and warm whether.......  sparklers.

Independence day

I wish they had indepence day fairs like they used to.... i guess they stilll do, i probably am just missing out.    That's what i'm looking for next year.....

until them, happy independence day. .

looking up.

I've made friends and lost friends.  I've done dumb stuff and i've learned lots of lessons.  Life (and the people in it) will probably never cease to amaze me....    I grew up in a good home with a passionate personality.  I hit my rock bottom and now i'm moving up.

It was about this time two years ago that Willy T and i first started talking seriously about getting married.
It was about this time last year that i was solidly pregnant.  
It is about this time this year that i know what i want in life.

I have a job that i like.  I know who my friends are and i have real people to back me up.  

... so the inspiration of this post:   Funny people.  It wasn't that long ago that i told willy T to back off because we werent together anymore.... i started dating someone and he was there to back me up....  That was several weeks ago and Willy T didn't respond kindly to it.  Yesterday, my not so beloved ex texted me, once again, to remind me that we had great times together. . . . this morning, his ex posted on this blog that she thinks i'm a psychopath (apearently she doesn't understand the true meaning of marriage.....  an agreement that both Willy T had made and a promise he broke, but it's ok because a whore wouldn't understand that commitment).   I just think it's funny that i gave them both the good byes and got him "off my back" and that they would both respond to me on the same day with quite opposite responses.   It makes me laugh at how perfect they are together....  both double faced liars.

but it's ok because, while this would have disgruntled me several months ago, i have no reason to care what either of them think or what game they are playing because i'm really not interested in them, i find it even funnier that she still sees me as a competition even though i CLEARLY have no interest in either of them or their lives.

I have my life, and i don't really care what her opinion is... or his for that matter.   They can love me or hate me,  i have my life in order and i plan on keeping it that way.  My focus is now on a brighter hope, a hope that i call jesus, and that is why i have no interest in their lives.

Good bye past, i'm looking forward.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

creativity boost

I’ve about maxed out what I can do with my house unless I want to start putting some real money into it…. So it’s time to start getting creative.  I’m starting to get bored with it.  I cant paint the walls, there are gaps between the floors and the walls and I’ve already rearranged as many options there are.  Now I need some inspiration.   Maybe I’ll mount my tv…  I don’t know how hard something like that is but I think It would do a but load for my house.  
On the positive note:  my yard looks better, it is still nothing breath taking but it is better…. I think my porch needs some lattice work, maybe that would do something for it.  . 
I think im just burned out on inspiration right now and I need something to spark my creativity.  
Maybe I’ll just do some spring cleaning and declutter….. that is normally enough to get me going, but right now my storage availability is retarded….  The closets in my house are oddly shaped and oddly placed.  There is open space in places that are viewable but yet not really useable and there is wasted space such as by the water heater and the gas heat…  I wish I could just tear down all the walls and call it a party.   

I also have several other problems… like my stained sink that wont even be dented by bleach or my lopsided shower that wont drain all the way…  I’ve got so many little problems that need fixing…..   but I’m about to concquore all of them.  Nothing I few boards and nails wont fix : )  hopefully….  

Terrible twos

Charli is hitting the terrible twos…. And I really have no idea what I’m doing.   I think I’m going to just go ahead and send him to obedience school…. I’m really looking forward to knowing what to do.