Monday, June 24, 2013


As i was updating my about me section, i realized i have yet to show you my "new" jeep.... which has been out for quite a few rides now:

Moving forward

I'm updating my about me section again.  Here is my current page:

Here's who i am:

My name is Beemo and I'm a little crazy and I sometimes take people by surprise.  I  think expression is the greatest gift of life and sometimes i think too much.

I live with three boys:

I Got married Halloween 2011.  Correction:  i eloped :)  (see, unpredictable:  i wasn't even dating the man) and it's the greatest decision I've ever made. 

with marrying me, He also got custody of my baby Charli, a min pin, and together we got George, a great dane.
Call it a family and know that i am definitely the woman of the house.

I'm still one of those girls that you look at and then look again.  Sometimes i dress like everyone else, sometimes i wear too many layers. I ride a motorcycle but i don't really ever dress for the ride.

I'm pretty random and most people don't expect anything i say or do, but after a while they stop being surprised. I don't really care... my husband definitely doesn't care.

I love:
warm whether
gatherings of water
Emma Stone

I strongly dislike:
pink (the color)
close mindedness
cold whether

I'm a laid back girl and definitely very simple. 
So i don't really have any goals (other than being a great wife) because id rather go with the flow of life than to tie myself down to my own personal interests.. so far this has done me pretty well.

This is basicly the summary of my life, but don't hold me to it.  

I get by with a little help from my friends

I don't understand why people think it's necessary to be so mean.   In real life or via internet.  I don't know how many comments i've gotten on this blog and they seem to think they have a right to throw insults around.
I don't delete responses unless they are too dirty or spam, even mean ones - i don't feel like it's cool to delete a response just because someone disagrees with me, but that doesn't mean people should just say what ever they want.
I'm an odd case because i don't care about what others think about me,   But people should realize that not everybody is like that.   What good is an insult doing anyway?  What is the point?  If you agree or disagree with something i say - fine, comment away... Just keep your attitude at home with yourself because it just makes you sound ignorant.

Speaking of ignorant:  I love the fact that most insults that are throw around, start out with "you need to get an education"  but the people that say that, are normally the ones that are so dumb.

That's just how i feel about it : )

Job hunting again

I am on the search for a better job again.  I loved my job because i kept thinking that if i worked hard enough, something would come of it.  The problem is i've busted my butt and they still can't see my efforts.   I can't keep up with what they want and they don't even seem to care that they are impossibly high Maintenance.
My goal is to get my Water Safety Instructor training so that i can life guard up in the good Alaska.

Speaking of Lifeguarding,  I was waitressing at my second job yesterday and there was a customer that looked just like this dude i knew back in IL.  I couldn't stop staring until he finally asked me where i was from... my response:   "YOURE FROM CARBONDALE TOO!!!!??"  So i'm in Alaska, and i am still running into people i know - weird!

And as far as my new job waitressing - I love it.  They are starting me on the bar backing schedule next week and i'm excited.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I know a lot of people, specifically women, will disagree w me.   But I am watching a movie where they defend their women and stand up for their children.   I want that feeling of safety more than anything.  I want to feel like I'm not alone,  like I don't have to deal with this world on my own.  I want to feel safe against the world.  I want to know that I have the most important person in the world backing me up and willing to fight for me.  Tht would be a feeling worth more than anything.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Miss independent

I miss it more than anything.   I'm so tired of being responsible because no one else can be.   Tired of having to bust my balls because I have standards and goals.  Tired of it.