Saturday, July 26, 2014

Third Times a Charm.

Well,  I am at it again.
As i said in my last blog...  even though i just recently got legally divorced, i've not really been married for quite some time.   Not that this has to do with anything, just something to think about.

With that said....  Drum roll please.....   I am getting married.  We've both been married twice already (Him legally both times) and both of us actually put the other as a priority (unlike my past husbands). 

He is handsome.  He is kind.  He genuinly cares about me.  I know it seems like spouses should always love each other right?  But my past experiences have taught me loads... like that fact that real love is more rare than it should be.

Between the two of us, we have three... yes THREE dogs.  We plan on having babies and living happily ever after (with lots of fights and tears in between)  

Even our fights are beautiful.  We don't yell.  We don't put each other down.  One of us gets hurt or misinterperets something or starts to get frustrated.  The other person gets angry or upset about it, but stops talking.  5 min or half an hour later, we talk about it and get on the same page.    This is how it is supposed to work.  

When something bothers me, he fixes it.   Because of this, i have no problem fixing things or changing the way i do something for him.  

This is the way a relationship is supposed to work.  I can't believe it's taken me three tries to see it, but now that it's here i don't ever want to let it go.  

My past husbands, i thought i loved.  Patrick, has my love that is so deep that it is unexplainable.  I could never see my life without him in it now. 

My Husband to be is amazing and i can not wait to make a family with him.  

Next weekend, the deed will be done.  There will be music and dancing and beer.  
One of our really good friends, Sleazy A,  will be doing the deed for us.  
I am stoked.