Thursday, November 25, 2010

unaccepted defeat.

I’ve decided today that too many people accept defeat too easily.   Whether it be bikers who get hit wrongfully or politicians being outweighed by corruption, too many people let those higher than them win battles and wars.  Weather they argue that there’s no one behind them or that they don’t have a voice….. EVERYONE has a voice.   Anyone can start a war.  The deciding factor is weather they are willing to go to that effort or willing to sacrifice that amount. 
People WANT to follow someone with passion.  You don’t need to start with anyone behind you to gain an army of followers.   You don’t have to be someone special or powerful to erupt passion from fellow passioners. 
Weather the battle is against a boss or a mayor or on morals or on laws, everyone has a voice to defend themselves. 

My mother got hit by a car the other day.   She wasn’t moving.   Sitting at a stop light, the parked car behind her somehow hit her.  He didn’t receive a ticket.  The chief told my mother that tickets where up to the descreation of the officer.  Now she is accepting defeat.   They say they don’t have enough  people behind her.   I disagree.   She is 20 min (maybe) from Where I live.   Every biker in my town would back her up.   In order to change the way the police are running her town she has to be willing to lose a battle.  She has to be willing to sacrifice the here and now pride in or order to win the long term,.  “talking” about going to the paper isn’t getting any articles written. 
She thinks it is a losing battle…. I think she is talking about a battle that she has refused to start.  If it we I, I would be willing to lose in order to leave a mark and cause them a hassle.  … I’m not saying she’s wrong, i just believe she isn’t putting forth enough effort to even call her situation a battle.  .  She’s like the runt getting bullied at school – go to self defense class, work out, and strengthen yourself to win instead of just handing over your lunch money.

My mother is not the only one who defeats themselves….  People do it everyday.   But if people would stand up for themselves (rightfully and not selfishly) they would get a lot farther in life and win a lot more wars than they were expecting. 
If you have that much passion . . exert it.  Be bold.  Sacrifice you pride.  Use your effort.  Don’t accept defeat and defeat will lose over to you. 

 .. heack.  I'm never going to accept defeat - even when it looks me in the eyes.

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