Wednesday, November 24, 2010

geographical boldness.

The national geographic is known for it’s educated articles.  It is also renouned for it’s articles on afgan and other middle eastern women.  Photos of mamed women are common amongst it’s pages.  The women who venture out in search of the truth are brave.  The women living the truth are even more brave.  I read these pages and while some people are saddened by the stories of these women, I am enraged.  Women, traded like cattle and beaten worse than any animal here.  How could any man treat a woman like that and live with him self?  How could he treat another person with that disrespect and survive?  If a woman in the U.S. was seen being hit, that man would get his butt kicked at the least.  If I saw I woman with scars from a man, I might be shot for the results of my eyes.  These are wrongful countries and any government that supports that kind of treatment deserves to rot in hell.    In the lesser offense:  I understand pre arranged marriage, but to be FORCED in to marriage, and with an old man?  I would kill a man who was forced on me.  I would do anything it took to make him regret.  How can anyone see the lives of these women and stand by?  The fact that any human could be so cruel disgusts me.  No one deserves to live that kind of life.  No one.  How do you fight back?  How does a person like me, enraged by such treatment, react? 
One day, I am going to change the world.   I want to show these women hope.  I want to kill the men who did these things.   I want to show the world that they can do something about it… but can they?  Can i?  How do I step above my own abilities to take revenge for these women?  

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