Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prepping for the move

Waiting at the dmv to get my new license.    Tomorrow we head out and I figured it'd be good to have a license with my real name on it.  

After tomorrow, I will have a 5 day period offline as we drive through Canada.  No phone.  No internet.  

Just a little bit longer and I'll be back in the US.  :)  I can't wait for civilization!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The past is the past.

I'm changing My about me, so before i update it, here's my old one....
Here's who i am:

My name is Beemo.  I live in the warm state of Alaska.  I have, like everyone, gone through a lot of changes in life.

I live with my [Now ex husband is is stupid] who i eloped with in OcT, 2011 before dating him.  and my great dane, George, who is goofy, clumsy, and super silly. I also have a min pin, Charli, who now lives with a family back in IL.

There are so many things that i couldn't dream of covering them all here, so i will summarize it by saying that i am a random hobbiest, taking up new and unique interest all the time... the the rest, i will leave a surprise for you to read about in my blog.

check out my first post to this blog (introduction to my life):  Here   
about me page numero dos (time to update): here
My most recent about me (moving forward): here


sleeping tight.

I've always been a fan of canopy beds... and Apartment therapy has posted a new article with lots of canopys : ) Check it

I love the upper right one...  but any of these wrap arounds would have been nice for my time in alaska. It would have been a great light blocker, if only id thought of that sooner. 
While i like the wrap arounds, any of the following would be just as awesome:

I don't know what it is about canopys, i just LOVE them!  This will be my first craft project when i get unpacked.

One more move.

I've found the man of my life. It is fitting that we get to move out of Alaska and start fresh together... and i'm stoked. Patrick is army and they are moving us. They got all our stuff packed up and shipped a couple days ago. Now: we are camping out in our living room and i am enjoying it. Today is my last day of work before we are officially on 50 days of moving/vacation. Our huny moon will be next year, but it's nice that we get a mini honey moon as we drive through canada, see all our friends, and have one last drunken shanangan before we get unpacked and start making babies : ) It's the beginning of the rest of my life, and i am excited! Loveheartsduh. Beemo

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Deed done.

The deed is done. The knot is tied. The beer is drank. Patrick and I are now Mr. and Mrs. I have never been to such an epic wedding :) One of our friends bought our kegs. When Mike Stackhouse showed up, that same friend paid him to play for us : ) Good ol' Barticus, the cook at the howling dog, did a little chefing it up for us with amazing encheladas. And our mirrage Commissioner? Sleazy A. Also known as Erin. It was EPIC.

"Does anyone object?" 3 people raise their hands and put them back down. "No one? really? can i? no? jk.." "You can kiss the bride" me: "I really just need you to sign these papers..."

Now it's time for a name change.. and Next up... Kansas move.