Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 days til christmas

In my last post i mentioned in passing holiday decor... on my christmas decor list:


While i will probably still not have a tree (My house is tiny) or lights ( which are quite a hassle)  The one holiday decor i just can't turn down is mistletoe.  
Now that i'm married, i would love to decorate for christmas but i don't have the time, the space, or the budget for much decor....   
But that good ol' mistletoe is timeless.  

(and perhaps a stocking sock too)

My next diy

I've always loved wine and enjoying having a collection of different vinoes in my possesion.  I worked a wine tasting a while back and came out of it with a couple cases of wine.  Now the storage (which i've always thought beautiful decor) is more of a neccessity and myself, being the do-it-yourselfer that i am, is now on a mission to make my own.

On top of the fact that storage is a neccessity, something about the holidays seems to make wine seem even more appealing than normal.  As if with the reefs and lights, wine racks should also be un boxed (this is just a feeling, as we all know that my racks will be out all year round)

wish me luck, i'm breaking out the pvc pipe and heating ducks :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

To much gobbling

I hope everyone ate enough food this weekend.   ahahahaha....  my in laws came down and went with us to my family's :)    oh it was a good time.  Fri we went to the wine trail (only made it to one winery though)  It was a grand time.   Being my holiday as a married woman i loved it.  Went home with a food baby named julio.  The highlight (other than being with my husband) would have to be hanging with the in-laws.  I know this is a pretty broad high light but i just can't help it.  My mother in law is a better mother than my own and my sister in law is a better sister than my own....   i love it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ugly collars.

I don't know who's idea it was to bring in collars but i hate it! ug.  Gross. 

But on a happier note:  I do love:

vintage and modern together (in perfect harmony!)   What bliss is brick walls and vintage hard wood mixed with an elegant chandelier or high waisted jeans in the modern buissness world :)  yay for mixing different collection.  


Have i ever mentioned that i'm in love with bird cages?  i'm pretty sure i have ( and boy am i still)  credit to Tim Van de Velde for this one.

On another note:  I love these mosquito nets and still hold on to the one i bought in H.S.  but don't know what to do with it.... i love this photo (found it while parrusing here), it inspires me to use mine again. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Im striking stupidity.

SIUC teachers are striking... that's fine, i think they should stand up for their rights (even if they're a little exagerated)  but that is not the point.  .... here's what is getting under my skin:  The newspaper this morning, both front page stories where on this strike, along with every other story in the paper (with the exception of the swim team article on the back page)  

While the teachers are picketing i'm doing my own strike.  I'm watching what is on tv, which is a talk show right now.  ... the topic:   over wore subjects.   1) internet slurs....   my opinion:  get over it.  There are all kinds of sites that you can vent on.  If there aren't sites such as the one they're talking about (one made just to vent about people who have cheated others)  then there is email, facebook, twitter, myspace.....   hard copies such as bulletin boards and word of mouth.     People who think things like facebook or even vent specific sites promote bad mouthing and slander  are, in my book, mistaken...  i could bad mouth anyone i want just by talking about them behind their backs or hunting down their significant other to spread gossip....   i just avoid mixing with dramatic people and internet slander and been eluded     2) well i already forgot the second topic,   they're already past it and it was clearly even more or less entertaining than topic numero 1.    This dude is rediculus.  (however that is spelt.)    who gives a crap...  It kind of reminded me of my ex (you all know who i am talking about)  I didnt deal with dramatic before, but after than dude i learned straight out how important it is to not EVEN put up with other people's problems.     so that's my picket for the day.... i'm striking stupidity.

over and out... i'm off to drink tea and meet my husband at the door (one man that is not dramatic and does simply rock my life :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

1 week as Mrs. Clarke.

Im loving it..   Absolutely.    Granet, one week really isn't that long, but we have basicly everything moved into his place and almost settled in.   I still need a subleaser for my place in cdale but that is just a minor detail.

We got the invitations for the party today and i can't wait to start passing them out :) yay.

Married life = wonderful (of course!).

ps.    got my first bubble bath this week.  lol.   it made me laugh more than anything because there were bubbbles EVERYWHERE!

100000 things to do before i die.

1. fly*
2. help deliver a baby
3. get a manicure*
4. go to prom*
5. befriend some one i dislike*
6. stand on top a mountain*
7. try a new food*
8. visit a foriegn country*
9. be in two places at once*
10. Break a world record*
11. drive a car*
12. learn what love is*
13. go to disney world*
14. spend the night under the stars*
15. play football in an NFL stadium
16. go skydiving*
17. be the only person for miles
18. tell someone about God for the first time*
19. play the electric guitar*
20. go on a date*
21. new years kiss
22. bench 130*
23. sing in the shower*
24. love [fall in love]****
25. break state bench record*
26. go surfing*
27. read every book in the bible
28. buy an exotic pet*
29. bench 200 pounds*
30. visit every us state [ 28/50](i decided that this is kind of boring i can't even keep track.)
31. ride a boat across the ocean
32. visit all 7 wonders of the world [] [1/7]
33. dance in the rain
34. break the world bench record*
35. Learn to skateboard*
36. Change the world
37. Learn to ride a motor bike.*
38. Visit every continent [4/7]
39. ollie, ollie *
40. Defiy the odds
41. triathalon*
42. ride a feris wheel*
43. Cow tipping
44. scare a fainting goat
45. touch the statue of liberty
46. Hitch hike
47. Crowd surfing
48. skinny dipping*
49. Keg stand*
50. body shot
51. kiss in the rain*
52. learn to sail
53. free fall
54. advanced cuddling in the wide outdoors
55. ride bare back (and not fall off)
56. surf
57. raise a baby
58. go to a circus
59. breath fire
60. own a VW (bug or van)
61. go to a ball
62. Go to a geek convention

* achieved

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Charli charli charli

ust a little over 6 months, Charli has hit adolesence.  but i still love him..... 

a memory remains

There are tribute videos and pages popping up everywhere for Ryan Jones. Photos are being posted and reposted. My heart aches for Essay and Spaz more than i can even feel myself.
 The story of Ryan: geeks are sexy
a great video: you tube

Fairy tale

My husband (ooh i love saying that over and over again)  has a camera which makes me very happy since my last one vanished into the sunset somewhere...... now i'm off to taking pictures again.  I'm even more excited because his little pocket sized digital camera actually seems to have amazing capabilities.  *smile big*  ps. The house in the background is my house, at least until i can get it subleased (now that i'm MARRIED and living with my HUSBAND.  yay)

and on that not so same note:  I love mushrooms, they remind me of fairy tales (which i am living in right now)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Now introducing.

We couldn't wait until january so we went to the court house yesterday :)  Yay.   Call me Clarke becuase that's now my name.   

We're still having a reception party in January and i'm still stoked about it, but i'm more excited that i didn't have to wait until January to sign the papers.