Monday, January 31, 2011

site shout out.

An old friend sent me an email with a site they thought i'd like.
Its random, but i like the style.
check it :


One entry that caught my eye : Food porn

and there are all kinds of blogs and also things for sell:

I love

Mr Stanton.

The rest of the story:

Sat morning, 12:06, my bike got totalled.  i was not there.  I did not see it. . . .   but this morning i went to the tow yard to see it:

I let my buddy borrow my bike and when i woke up the next day it still wasn't back.  I walked to his house thinking he decided to just park it there.... even when i didn't see it outside his house i didn't even consider it was wrecked.  When he said he "had bad news" i thought he was joking.... then he looked up:

That's when i realized he was dead serious.

This entire experience has shown to me just how ignorant public officials can be.  The officer we dealt with was a man named stanton.  He was rude and ignorant, implying more than one false accusation.  When my buddy wrecked in the middle of no where he left to find help.  It took him a good 2 or 3 hours before he was home again and the passed out from exaughstion.  When he woke up a few hours later he called the police station.  When we went in to file the report He was given a ticket for leaving the scene of an accedient.... i'm not sure why they would expect him to sit there in the cold all night - who knows how long it could have been before someone drove by and stopped......  
but the story gets better:
After the report we called express towing.  The told us to come in the next morning to see my bike. 
The next morning, they told us they weren't open that day.
the morning after that,  i called and told them i was coming...... he took an hour to get to the office to let me in and then tried to tell me i wasn't cleared to see it.  I told him i wasn't leaving until i saw my bike.  
He asked me who the officer was and i said stanton, his response "that a good guy"  and i came back with "i could see why YOU would say that" (implying that i didn't like either of them) and he told me that "family normally does get along"     ahahahahaha... that would explain why they are both douches and both know it alls.   I'm just dumbfounded that there could be so many ignorant jerks in one town. 

So my buddy is quite sore and by bike is totaled, but i got an awesome piece of jewlery from my first bike:

a locket

Its made from the gas cap:  the key hole, a washer, the key hole cover

Officer stanton

Last night I met an amazing man.  Sherrif Stanton.    He is a mechanic gone csi gone emt.  I think he went to lay school somewhere in there and even has his own search team.  Specialization:  douching. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

music up

Got a new amp this week, now I can use my speaker towers again.  Maybe I’m just excited about life right now, but I’m really happy to have real music again.

Block party.

I actually know a few of my neighbors now and I’m excited.  One of them just moved in and I’m hoping to persuade him to hand of the decorating to me. Lol. 

The neighbor that I’m a little more ecstatic to know is spen.  I met him quite a while ago but it was only in passing.  Now I am finally actually hanging out with him….. and that is an interesting story.  I think he’s cool.   He’s a horrible influence, but as long as nothing gets too serious it will be a grand time.  One more steak n shake visit.  (hot stew…. Jonathan’s eating habits are nothing.)  So spen has a few more tattoos than I : )   and they’re all quite interesting, he also has a drinking hobby that can keep up with mine. 
…. Speaking of drinking,   I’m not working on memorizing the drinks at work so that I can test to be a bartender next time the opportunity arises.

So stay tuned because I’m pretty sure Spen will end up being an interesting (and good) chapter in my life.  

pullin out the guns

I’m pretty pumped about working out again. 
I used to be a professional powerlifter, sponsored by Gold’s gym.  About a year ago I realized that I was just too burned out and distracted from it so I dropped the gym.  Now I am 25 pounds lighter and have found a much more attractive female figure under all the muscle.
After a year of not lifting, my body has finally eaten all the fat and has started burning muscle.  So I’m back in the gym.  I no longer have a 235 pound bench, but my 145 isn’t too shabby. I don’t have any desire to really compete again, but I do miss showing up the boys : )   However, I think I’m going to attempt to focus on abs and cardio this time around….
Speaking of cardio.  The doc Spacman triathalon is rolling around again soon.  With only 3 months til my yearly race, I think its time to pull out the running shoes.

Wish me luck

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

schedule on hold

I have the new official schedule for loft-apartment.  However, it's going to be on hold due to a major article i'm working on.   The next month i'm going to be doing a lot of researching, experimenting and writing but in a month i will not only release the article i'm working but also start the new schedule.  I really want to share the title of this project, but it is somewhat "under cover".   I don't want to give away any secrets that would ruin the experimenting part of it.   Just know that this will be a great article.  It's not design focused, but it will still be very insightful.

Until the schedule is brought in, i will continue posting, but don't be surprised if they aren't as frequent.

Today is the first day of the spring semester for college students in my town.   I'm excited for the change of scene also :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No boys allowed

Cheers to a successful girls night

I feel like there are several key ingredients to the perfect girl's night but most are not very surprising.
Clearly you need girls and NO BOYS.  The given is gossiping... mainly gossiping about boys.  Then there has to be some sort of fruity cocktail and cheers.  This is the part i'm searching for.   Drinks are pretty easy to come buy but the cheers is the more difficult part.  How do you come up with something short and sweet that has the real "bang" that everyone's always looking for?   I've been googling a few cheers so that i can always have something on hand. So far i am having trouble finding something witty.... but i'm on the hunt.

"No one dies a virgin, life screws us all"

and of course i've always loved:  "Heres to boys that we love and boys that love us but since the boys that we love aren't the boys that love us, screw boys and here's to us"

there's also the long time cheer that friends i share everytime.... after gossiping about pregnancy scares and people who are pregnant:  "cheers to not be pregnant."

and one unrealated that i love:  a girl without freckles is like a night without stars.

Friday, January 14, 2011

schedule of loft-apt.

This isn’t a fool proof calendar yet but I’m going to shoot for something along these lines for my postings:

Monday:  characters of loft-apt
Wed:  google finds
Thursday:  series:  getting lost
And of course, my regular post will still continue between those post.
I'd also like to push in "behind the bar" at least once a month
I’m hoping to have internet here at home soon in which case I will be able to stick to a schedule better.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bww what?

Tomorrow is our yearly party at si bowl.   I’m pretty stoked.  I think I’ll pull out the designing and come up with real fashion to wear.   I’m just not sure what style Ill go with… It’s bowling, I might go with a retro 80 look so that it’ll match my bowling shoes……  skirt or jeans?  T-shirt or blouse? The colors have to be red, blue, black . . . that’s always the colors or bowling shoes. 

I’m also excited to make some more friends..

characters of bww

I’m not going to lie, the past week I’ve been neglecting my designs.   I’ve not done any photo editing or characters or interior design stalking. 

I’ve spent the past week building relationships with people from my new job…. The job itself is not my favorite ever, but when we are talking about my co-workers it is at the top of my list.

Tues- dollar night with Michela.   Micheala is a girl, but for some odd reason we have still really hit it off.

Wed- ran into a bunch of the cooks and 2 of the serves that date them.  I hung out with them while they shot hoops and then that night I ran into them again while I was hanging with Jess.   Jess is another cashier.  He’s a laughing type guy.  Total flirt, a little bit of a player, but a pretty cool dude.   I’m not sure why, but he seems to think that I’m super cool. We also all hung out with Josh (another server) who is a total man whore but still cool.  And  Nicole who hates everybody but is still amusing. 

Thurs –  I can’t really remember but I know it involved my new neighbors and having fun.

Fri – I hung out with sara from my old job at party city but also hung out for a short time with Chris (little man) who is defently crazy.   (maybe not mentally but at least wen it comes to hanging out)

Sat- slept.

Sunday night was spent with Jess, Chris, jess’s roommate.  This was an epic highlight of my week…..
As the night came time to end Chris crashed in my bed while the rest of us pushed the night farther.  Shylar ended up joining him and jess and I bailed on them… I ended up sleeping in shylar’s bed while shylar spooned with chris (mind you, they’re both straight)
The next morning :  chris “I woke up in a girls bed with a 6 ft man and there was no girl”

That night never actually ended as we hung out all day Monday.  It was almost 10 pm when I finally departed to hang out with a couple other friends and crash. 

So the summary of my week – I hung out with a lot of different people and made a lot of new friends.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Working on a schedule for

Working on a schedule for posting the themes that Ive started. Anyone have any good ideas?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Heart no longer flesh

Time to find a new love.

As my most serious relationship is finally reaching closure, Im realizing how much I’ve learned.  I’ve basicly been married and had a baby.  I’ve been betrayed and I’ve been left.  I’ve been begged to and I’ve been yelled at. 

I don’t know what makes guys think they can talk mean to a girl and expect her stick around.  …. Or talk mean to her best friend and expect her to stick around.  …. Or talk to his ex and expect her to stay around …  or call her over and over again and expect her to come back …. Or continue talking to his ex and expect her to come back.

My most recent boy friend/ fiancĂ©/ lover/ baby’s daddy is a great person.  However, he is not such a great significant other.

After the pain he has caused, I think he would be better off with the ex. 

On the topic of her:   I’ve never felt the effects of a home wrecker before her.  Now that I have I am thankful for the respect that I have for relationships. . .  because i see what whores homewreckers come across as. 


I've felt a lot of pain over the past 6 months or so, however i've also learned a lot of lessons.
I still love that guy.... probably always will.  The problem is that i know he's only going to hurt me again.  

I would like him to sweep me off my feet and run away together.   He's not ready to run away.   He calls me begging for another chance, but i've learned my lesson and i will NOT have myself hurt again.  

so now i'm moving on and trying to cope.  I've told you before that i lost all emotion when i  lost my baby,  i guess that is a good thing now.   I feel betrayed, but it doesn't really hurt like it would have 6 months ago.  . .   

I love that man.  Now it's time to move on.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

de standing

I made a very difficult decision yesterday.  After being engaged and with only one and half weeks left, neither has been there or even want to hear about it....  and they both told me they couldn't even make it the day before to the shower or bachelorette party.  So i decided to give the boot.  Everywhere i read says that you can't do that but i want this day to be the biggest day of my life and now There is a girl stepping up to every need and emotional support.   I was origionally gonna give both the boot but my local girl stepped up.  She knew i needed support and understood why i was hurting....  so i decided that she was a friend that i needed in my life.  The other one, from several states away, instantly decided this was my fault.  She didn't want to be there early or stay late and yet she is hurt that she isn't the one to stand next to me.

but i don't think i was wrong.  Her response makes me confident in my decision.   If she had supported my decision or decided to really ask me why i felt this way i would have wanted her by me.  The problem is that didn't care about how i was feeling or 

Monday, January 03, 2011

cutting ties.

Today i finally took the plunge and blocked people who shouldn't be in my life right now.  My girl friends are all proud of me.... i'm just sad that it had to come to this.

On happier note:
I am now the proud owner of a blue cavilier.  I cleaned it out today and got the radio running.  i am ready for a road trip.  Only thing missing - a hula girl.

photo:  google find.

series: find someplace beautiful to get lost

I realize that i am 2 days late, but this past weekend led to a lot of big mountains and now i'm putting my foot down.  It's a new year and i am a new person.  Lets drive until we get lost and then just keep driving.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome to 2011

2010 had a lot of first and a lot of hurts.  I'd say over all, i learned A LOT.   Now it's time to move on to a new year and not only live with those lessons but use them.

To review 2010 resolutions:
blog more
worry less
have fun
get straight with God.
be healthy
Buy a jeep
roll in the mud.

blog more
roll in the mud
get straight with god (though this is def not an epic win, its a least not a fail.)

no win:
Worry less
have fun
be healthy
these are resolutions that didn't really fail but i had a good reason for not meeting them..... Being pregnant and single makes it difficult to relax and have fun. It also makes being healthy a little confusing.

buy a jeep
I'll probably never buy a jeep. I prefer my bike.

And now without further adue:

I'm just shooting to relax more, chill out and enjoy life a little bit more.