Monday, November 08, 2010

“Cemeteries sure grows a lot of fake flowers”

I Participated in my first motorcycle wreck yesterday. I was not really part of per say, but I was in the group. I was on the back of Torf’s bike and we were leading. When he went to turn I looked back just in time to see Billy and the other biker shoulder to shoulder. I let out several 4 letter words and was off Torf’s bike before It was even stopped. Fortunately no one was hurt. A little bit of road burn and I’m sure bruises are popping up today but it wasn’t too bad. Billy’s bike had slipped out from under him when he hit the other guy; him and Kristi, the passenger, flew off the bike and it wan’t ½ second after I made sure Kristi was ok and I was checking on the bike. His bike is quite dented up ) : with a big dent in the gas tank (and a small hole) the radiator was the biggest damage. Billy put in the call to the insurance and started listing off the damages “The radiator is f****d up…. I mean screwed up, sry.” … guess he decided that using four letter words isn’t the best route for his accident report… as he finished the report we walked across the street to a cemetery where we could sit on grass while the hour wait for the tow passed. Our third companion kept telling us that he was covered in stickers and we couldn’t figure out why “I just walked through a lisa frank store and now I’m coverd in stickers…. On a side note, my friend just wrecked his bike” but then we realized that, by stickers, he meant like flower stickers. As we sat in the field Kristi had to point out “ Do you realize we’re just chilling in a cemetery?” to which the dude I don’t know responded “yeah, I know. I finally feel at rest” We couldn’t help our laughter. Finally the tow truck showed up and we headed over to the bikes. The rest of the trip was uneventful as the boys loaded up billy’s bike and we headed home. Needless to say, that wasn’t quite how we planned on the ride ending.


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  2. Thank you for your input Qasar. However, This isn't about flowers at all and i don't really need a boquet for anything. lol. I do apprietiate you checking out the page though :)