Monday, November 15, 2010

A drink of Ed Hardy

I went to a liquor store the other day that i rarely visit. They had a wine that surprised me. The brand - Ed Hardy.

Now i know that Ed Hardy is a popular brand. To be honest, i don't know what style or fashion it is or really what it is at all. I did not think that it was a wine. Apparently it is now.
There was one employee there that seemed to think that it would be very bad. It's only a 6 or 7 dollar bottle. I'm about that spot that i want to try it just because the brand seems to be so well known and it's a brand i would love to dissect if it's not horrid..... and it makes a Lambrusco (a sweet wine) and you can't possibly make a Lambrusco that is that unbearable. That is like saying you have had a bad moscato (something I've not heard of yet)

creative match says "wine drinking is often associated with sophistication, enjoyment, and relaxation, whereas the Ed Hardy brand is thought of as edgy and uncouth. Most wines target older and affluent market segments, but Ed Hardy targets young and risky trend setters. Gene Schaeffer, Vice President of Nicolas Wines, the importer of the Ed Hardy wine from France’s Castel Group, says "There's nothing really new and exciting in the wine business. When this idea came along I thought we could develop new wine drinkers.""

With as much an oxymoron as Ed Hardy and wine are i am now dying to try it.  It may turn out to be really good or it might be a total mess of crap, but i am interested.  If it turns out to be really good, i would be happy because a good wine in an awesome bottle would be a beautiful thing.

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