Friday, November 05, 2010

a real writer.

I wonder if this is how every writer thinks? Every time something funny happens or every time i get mad i automaticly think "i should blog this". Of course, then i forget what it was that i was going to blog. Yesterday, i had at least 3 or 4 different conversations that i said i was going to post about, but now i only remember one. lol.

Speaking of writing, Will Stephens now has a position with the Carbondale paper writing a column every other week. I think that is absolutely lovely. I'm not sure if it was premeditated or an in the moment type thing, but the owners of the paper offered him the spot last night. It's not a real big thing or if he has a certain topic to talk about but i'm sure it will be politics every time.

On that same note. Will is now a jackson county board member. One of his friends, Chris, saw us out last night and informed me: now that i'm the first lady i will be a new fashion icon in Southern IL. First off, i'm not officially the first lady. Second, i would LOVE to be a fashion icon but unfortunately i'm not really an icon yet..... that's my next goal in life.

So moving right along, The one conversation i do remember from yesterday: I REALLY dislike people who are jerks, rude, and homewreckers. There are a lot of people that are great at putting on a pretty face (by pretty i mean they seem nice, not that their face is actually pretty because that's NOT normally true). They do a wonderful job making it seem like they really see where you're coming from, or that they've considered how you're feeling, when they're really just playing you over.   Eventually the act runs up and they're the only ones left believing their lies. That's when it all runs over. There are lots of people that try to play games, most of them fail epicly very quickly. There is one who started out with a good run but even she has epic failed now. Don't try to hold on to your lies, they're over now.   Don't call me with a sweet voice and don't dare send me a single message because you're really full of balonga :)

That last thought actually came in the form a sentence in the middle of a conversation. In other news, it looks like i wont be single for the rest of my life after all :) that's right.... and if that one girl just happens to read this - know that i'm not backing down and neither is he so stop you're interceding for yourself because nothings coming of it.

Back to fashion icons: I did feel like somewhat of a fashion expert when i went to the mall with a friend yesterday. She had a really cute pair of brown boots she just bought and we were shopping for a top. I enjoyed giving her my advice on how to make a black blouse match her brown boots. Maybe i can actually be a fashion icon sooner than planned.... just wait until i have a real occasion to use such an art...
ooooh. speaking of.... that same friend has a friend who is getting married in several months and guess who she wants help from : that's right, me :D That is one thing i am SUPER stoked about. If i help plan one wedding just imagine where things can go from there!

That's the summary of my thought pattern... now if i could straighten out that well when it's going through my brain.

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