Wednesday, January 11, 2012

read set.... and wait for go.

I am down to 17 days and i feel like there is so much left to do.... but every thing is actually done already. Dress is all but one button short of being altered.  cupcake ingredients are bought.  soda and tea:  check.  tables, location, table clothes, center pieces:  all are go.  music: done.

All that is left:  the last button on my dress, makeup, "hello my name is" name stickers, after party shirts (for my husband and i),  and introduction ( i'm thinking about having april do it since i wish i'd put her in my party).

It's weird because we are already married, but i get mad at everybody for downplaying my wedding (they say it's not a real wedding) , and i don't want to down play it either.... so while it's not the day i consitmate it, it is still my day.  I have the rest of my life and just because we started our mirrage right (waiting for that certificate to constumate it)  does NOT mean that i can't still have a wedding.  It's happening and i can't wait.

Next sat is the bridal show of so il... i might be too close to a wedding and i might already be married, but i still have a wedding to prep for and i want to be in my prime girl mode :)

wedding here i come... screw the world, i'm stoked to have a wedding.

MooreClarkes: 17 days.

For my brides maids i was thinking about making shirts....  I'm trying to debate on these two (since the theme is cupcakes and jones soda:

as for the back :

Now i just have to decide which one i like.

And as for the wedding... we will officially have bag sets :) yay (steve's brother is making them for us!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

twenty.12 resolution #5

To start with, new years resolution #4 is achieved.  My husband and I brought in the new year at the Da-nite tavern where I started working (on Friday) I knew they’d be busy and after about an hour of trying to get my husband to spunk up (he was tired and not really a fan of the bar scene…. I’m more of the “never met a stranger” one of the two of us)  I finally talked the manger into letting me work (day numero dos!)  and I took over the bar while Kaydee supervised.  Midnight rolled around and I managed to steal a kiss from the love of my life. 

While I might have managed to succeed at one resolution, I realized this morning at church that I forgot one of the most important goals of my life…. The main one being God.  Now, I don’t want to stick to the same old goals such as get closer or sin less… at the same time, goals such as being more like God are life goals.

#5:  Remember My life Before the world, during the world and focus on Making my life after the world.
 My entire life has been one after God’s heart (even in my lowest point)  This year I have let go of anger and forgiven God (even if he didn’t need forgiving) This year, I want to rebuild the love I had for God before he allowed me to experience the world.