Thursday, April 19, 2012

making the news :)

Brittany Clarke, top, the swim school coordinator for the Saluki Swim Club, teaches a group of children how to swim with paddleboards Tuesday at the Pulliam Hall pool. The swim club is one of many groups that use the facilities. Clarke said she has been swimming at the pool since she was 7 years old. The SIU Board of Trustees announced a $1 million renovation plan for Pulliam Hall that includes removing the pool, but the proposal has yet to be voted on. Chris Zoeller | Daily Egyptian

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Walk in closet

One day i will have a walk in closet... 

Speaking of walk in closet:  

Amazing..  That is all i have to say. 

True forgiveness = good idea

Being married takes adjusting.  I knew that the man i would marry would not be someone i dated first.... which means going from single to married in a matter of months....  Now that i am finally adjusting to a life of commitment and loyalty, i can see how awesome my husband is.  He is absolutely my perfect man.

One of the biggest adjustments that i had to make (and would have had to eventually make anyway) is forgiving the people of my past.  There are lessons that you hear people talk about and i knew i would learn eventually,  being married forced me to learn the lesson of forgiveness because you can't really move on with your life until you can let go of the past.  By let go i mean forgive.   I don't mean say you forgive, i don't mean kind of forgive, i don't mean you forget .... to forget is NOT to forgive.  Looking at your ex and feeling better about his ugly mistress is NOT forgiveness,  pushing the person you thought to be your best friend out of your mind is not forgiveness,  The ONLY way to truly heal is to Truly forgive.  It's not something that happens right away.  It's not something that you can redefine.  It's not something you can justify or reason about.   It's a decision you make.  It is a satisfaction in yourself.  It is faith in a god bigger than yourself (because there is no way to achieve on your own).  The stump i have is knowing how horrible a person it and then letting go.  What is your response supposed to be when you hear their name in conversation?  What is the just response?
- I believe you can dislike a person even after forgiveness is really given.... forgiveness doesn't make them a better person, it just allows you to be at peace so that you can live.  The people of my past, i have finally learned to forgive.

With forgiveness, i have refound joy.  I refound trust and faith.  I have found life.

I am happy with my life just the way it is.  Even with my past, i am happy.

-absolutely  beeMo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

boots. boots. boots!! yes!

i want these:  boots.  NOW!  omw... i hope i can just make them at least half as awesome as hers!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not moving: quite yet.

Well, it turns out that we will not purchasing a house quite yet after all... we could find a hell hole somewhere, but we would both prefere to wait until we have the money to really invest... and i'm really not feeling inspired to actually MOVE all my just yet either :)

While my dream home ideas are now on hold ( I will resume my to do list when i, once again, begin looking at real houses).  I still have so many projects lined up for the little crib we're in now.

The worrior run i am supposed to be doing with amber might also fall through - her man was origionally the one registered but he cant do it so i was going to take his place, now we're not sure if they're going to let me run in his shoes (hahaha... run in his shoes)  Which is a total bum since Amber and i have the best costume idea ever : think mustache and neon.  yes.

However, we still have george and Charli to focus on (bday bash tommorrow.):  got bowtie numero uno in the mail today:) ha.  iT'sawesome.

Moving on:  my new vice:  ebay
              It's crazy the kind of things you can find on there and not to mention the prices..... i've taken up donating plasma again to support my ebay addiction.  I bought George's and Charli's bows for thess than three bucks (together).
I purchased an awesome mustache ring for the race ( >1 dolla) and i stumbled across a  new pair of nerd frames, also >$1 !.  I'm sure i could spend a lot in a lil... but i LUVV it!  explanation mark now.

So no house, car on the way, to run or not to run.  bday bash rush, and i adore ebay.  my life is a yes.  ... oh, and screw politicians :)

-absolutely beeMo.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mr. Kate shout out!!

In the midst of my hunt for mi abode series inspiration i came across mr. kate :)  check it: Mr.Kate.  I love her. i love everything about her.  i love her blog design i LOVE her house.  She might be my new life inspiration :)  ]

k.done.  make it happen

mi abode. v.2: color

verse two in my series of new home requirements :  my home must have color.  

Splashes of color in the furniture = happy mornings.

Colorful artwork = must

The wall gets props... at LEAST ONE room in my house will have beautifully painted walls.... if not all of them :)

hold on rainbow.  I'm jumping in. 

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.

mi abode series. verse.1: a welcoming front door.

In my last post, "ready.set.and move.", I started a list of requirements for my new home (to-do requirements of course)
Today, i begin the series of details on each requirements.

V1.  A welcoming front door:
I need color, I need flowers, I also want people to feel happy the very second they set eyes on my home.

:I like the fact that this is set up for porch sitting. .. i love outside.  (and did you know that  i love window boxes too?  I think they are wonderful)

:v2 is color... and why not add color to the outside too?  : )  

The first thing i'm going to do:  Paint the front door (and then add flowers!)

pup cups.

I went to dq this past weekend, dogs in tow.   My husband and i both got ice cream cones and when we pulled around to the window to pay they asked if we'd like some pup cups for George and Charli.  Not knowing what they were talking about we said sure..... they came back with two little cups of ice cream for the puppies :)   how fun... charlie and george got their first ice cream cups....  defently like ice cream......

and the plastic cups they come in too :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ready. set. and move :)

As i mentioned in my last post, i may be moving.... but that "probably going to have to move" is now a "i am most certainly moving"  but instead of dreading it, I'm now almost too excited to contain it..  The difference that has changed the moo? :  Home ownership!!!  that's right, we might be buying a house :)  !!!!  My husband has his check list :  a yard (for the dogs),  somewhat out of town, at least 2br (for expansion), and a low budget.  I have my check list:  potential for awesome design, 2br +  (for expansion.. i want kids !!!)

So purchasing the house i might have a small list, but I'm already to planning the interior design :).   Our theory:  my husband is responsible for the actual construction work (roof touch ups, pourch touch ups, ect) and i am the one responsible for all detail wok (tile/floor work, painting, ect..).  and i'm already starting my inspiration/to do list:

1. a welcoming front door
2.  color
3.  inspiration throughout the home
4.  an eclectic kitchen
5.  a cozy bedroom
6.  a clean bathroom
7.  a fashionable laundry/sewing room
8.  a FUN living room
9.  a sophisticated area for the pets

... Posts on each of these to follow.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ready or not. moving.

It seems my landlord is moving and with that, selling my home.  So i have 2 or 3 months and then i have to be out.   Which wouldn't be a big deal but with two dogs and a budget, it becomes a slightly bigger deal.  I guess it could be good since my store might be opening up another one in a near by town and this will be a good excuse to move closer so that i can keep an eye on both stores.  My problem is that I've checked every rental sight there is and have no avail to finding a rental in our budget....   Not to mention that my husband is a little picker than I  (which is not really a luxury that we have right now) .   I'm stoked to move because we all know how much a love a home project, but the stress of finding a place is slightly over bearing right now.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

politician as a descriptive term

I was at work today, hanging out with one of my regulars/new friend and she was sharing with me about her dumb boy from the past.... with out thinking i responded with "He's such a politician" ... I'm not sure where that came from, but i quickly realized that it was such an epic response and creative use of the word/term. I declared right there that this would become a descriptive term in my vocab from now on.... So, The people you call a jerk or liar or back-stabber.... i will call them a politician.

 Proven: you don't have to be a literal politician to be a politician.

 Urban dictionary's definition of politician:
1. People that should never, ever be trusted under any circumstances.
2. Crook driven by money.
3. Person who so desires power that they have lost all notion of morality and will now do or say anything to acquire more power.

Thesaurus for politician: liar, moron, moron, whore, idot

 :I agree to all of the above.