Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

This was our weekend at ky lake, w the inlaws... In a dry county :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

closet bar

As i've mentioned over and over again, i love bars, barware, and bartending.  
Next time i'm on my own computer i am making a favorite of mr booze.  He's going to sit on my bar top and talk to me :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a beautiful kind of color


I know that this is a cafe (check it : here) but it is definitely a beautiful inspiration to my home.   I love the chalk board.  I love the colored furniture.  I love the bar set up.  There will definitely be quite a bit of this in my own home.

The plan is to set up one of these common areas (with a small table and 2 chairs) in the entrance hall.
and i love the bar layout too.  really the entire post makes me smile :)

I think one of the big things i need to take a lesson from about this scheme is that i have to use a neutral palat... and this is white but still colorful!

one step at a time

We got all the carpeting ripped up in the new house and i'm stoked. .... the entire house is hard wood. Why you would cover up nice hard wood with ugly carpet - i have no idea! but it happened and now we have beautiful floors. I suppose the mud room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the entry way will hav tiling/ lamnet, but i'm still really excited about these floors. todays task: rip out all the nails from the old carpets and get the floors swept up. hopefully by tomorrow we can get a sander and the floors may be done by this weekend :) (at least the wood floors) that would be awesome because i am hoping to at least start moving in a week in half (first weekend in june. That would be beautiful if we were moved in copletely by my birthday :) I'm also ready to be done with the floors because i can't wait to get to painting. yay for paint. -absolutely, beemo

Yay for hammocks

I have a beautiful hammock that has been stored away due to lack of opportunity. I can't wait to pull it out at the new house..... And I love their bar too :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

mi abode v9: a sophisticated area for the pets

We haven't exactly decided which room or how we're going to place the dog kennels and all their stuff....  but after this picture i am looking forward to the challenge.   

There are so many different opportunities.  The mudroom may have space.  The entry hall defently has space.  There is extra space in the living room and the dressing room... pretty much every space in the house has an opportunity.  I suppose it's just a matter of which will fit best and look prettiest. 

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color
verse 6:  clean bathroom
verse 8:  FUN living room

moving shopping list.

There are a few things we had to purchase due to our move:  a riding lawn mower (we've never been responsible for the lawn before, and this lawn is HUGE), a washer, and a dryer.   we were somewhat concerned with what we were going to do because none of this is cheap and all of it is pretty well needed.  Now i have to thank my dad intensely.  Not only did he find us a riding lawn mower (from my gramps) but he may have us a dryer too!  Now all that is left is a washer and we can find a used one decently cheap,  plus we know plenty of people that will let us use theirs until we can find one :)

Thankyou father!!

mi abode v8. FUN living room.

This means color and unique decor :)  and since my new living room is so large that it will most likely be split with a dinning room.... i should have pleanty of oportunity :) 

 of course still i major diy fan....  that's normally what gives a room the most unique charisma :)

This bottom picture really grasps an entire style that i love.  It is soft and fun and welcoming... that is how i want my living room to appear. 

*Picture no longer available*
I love this collection of decor that no one else would also have. 
I love unique signs as wall decor.

Things in a living room that i love:  1. awesomely unique furniture.  2. wonderfully random framed art.  3. manaquinns (more in the dressing room, but anywhere really) or other unique objects.  4. banners, streamers, flags, ect...  color :).    5. wall stickers.  (quotes, but more so just artistic wall stickers).  

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color
verse 6:  clean bathroom

bathroom objects i love

Con't from mi abode series

1. bathroom labels copied from old fashion public restrooms. 2. old fashioned scale. 3. chandaliers! (of course). 4. a rubber duckie in a classy bathroom :)

mi abode v7: fashionable laundry room/sewing room.

Growing up, our laundry room was always a mess, plus i've learned a few lessons in the years that i've been on my own.  

I want a cute laundry room, just because laundry isn't always fun doesn't mean the space can't be (plus, a fun space makes the job a lot more enjoyable): splashes of color are a given. 

It's not been decided if we're going to move the laundry room to the mudroom or leave it seperate, but open cabinets is a must (cabinet doors look old fashion and provide coverage for CLUTTER)... but i love the idea of sharing mudroom and laundry room in one space.  

and finally, open shelving AND plenty of hanging space is a must!  

all of these laundry rooms make me happy AND ambitious to get to my own laundry. 

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color
verse 6:  clean bathroom

beautiful lighting

can i just put a chandalier in every room of the house?

mi abode v6: clean bathroom

When i say clean, i don't mean free of germs and picked up bathroom, i mean in terms of style...  clean cut, beautiful storage and just enough color that it only acts as an accent.

Beautifully displaced

Wonderfully stored towels:

and just a splash of color:
= the perfect bathroom.

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color

mi abode V5: a cozy bedroom

With this new house, the master bedroom is the same size as our walk in closet (wich is the spare bedroom).   Since we have a walk in closet, this is ok.  but i still want it to look amazing.  Each room has it's own description and i want the bedroom to be classy.  I'm just not sure how to do that with a room that has space for little more than the bed and the bed side tables.    

Small Master Bedroom Small Master Bedroom (1)

Small Master Bedroom Small Master Bedroom (5)

I suppose bed & Breakfast is the look i want to go for in this small master bed room.  Clean, classy, and cozy (not small, cozy)

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color
verse 4:  an eclectic kitchen

neutral colors required

When we first started talking over the agreements of our "lease" with out landlord, we were told that all paint colors had to be neutral.  I thought browns and off whites.  That terrified me that my entire house would be bland.... then i googled neutral colors after my husband told me my ideas were off...

... i'm now very excited that i can include colors in my paint scheme :)


mi abode V4: eclectic kitchen

First off, i want my kitchen to be a mix between an ice cream cafe and a fun bar.  Lots of color (of course).  and clean cut.  I want it to be super fun and yet super classy.  ... which reminds me of the new ice cream shop in town (chill).  It kind of grasps the style I'm looking for:

i think it's the color i love....  and here are some more images that capture my cooking heart:

and of course, i have to mention Rachael ray's kitchen.  I'm sure it's at the heart of every cook but mine too...   While her blue fridge might be her cooking icon, i love her semi see through cabinets, the brick walls, and her awesome back splash.... and of course her colorful appliances (yes!)

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color

mi abode v.3: inspiration throughout the home

Color it's self is pretty inspiring and i've always done a pretty good job of decorating so that people keep their eyes moving in my home.... but i want people to leave my home truly inspired to live :)  

Framed quotes, painted furniture, i want to move the soul. 

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color

Thursday, May 17, 2012

oh so much space

The more i think about it, the more i google, the more i google, the more excited i get.  I can't wait to have a mudroom and a front entrance room and i ginorous living room and a walk in closet (the spare bedroom until we have kids.... then i don't know what i will do with all my clothes) and a large garage (with lots of windows:)) and a basement (so many places we can put the dogs)...  oh the space.  I didn't even mention the 3 car shed we have out back or all the yard space or the long drive leading to the house or the 2 sink bathroom with a large closet. Oh the space!   so much decorating.  i can't wait to get started.  My landlord closes on it this weekend so hopefully by next week i will be moving and have so much time to decorate (good thing i just quit coaching the swim team = more time to decorate)  yay!!  

I can barely contain myself.

I think the plan is to clean the garage and move everything into there (it's the size of our entire house right now) and we can just sleep there until we get the bedroom done (it's not like the rest of the house has ac yet...)

Can you hear my excitment?  ahhhhh!  yay :)

new house: take 2

A few posts back i told you that my hunt for a new house is off... syke!  Steve and i stuck a deal with an acquaintance of his.  He bought a house for the land and now we're going to fix the house in exchange for rent :)  it's just what we wanted.  It's a cute 2br house with ample storage space. ... and a yard!  yes...  we get to fix up the house like we want and we don't have to pay rent for the next year.  Once it's over we still will get really decent rent.  I'm back on for planning my dream home.  

ready or not.  Jump!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

cupcake atm? i want one

CHECK OUT OH JOY! NOW...  It's so awesome...  did you know there is such thing as a cupcake atm!! You pick your flavor and pay with a credit card and it despenses cupcakes :)  ...  read the blog now

... i love cupcakes! :)

blogging signiture

I've discovery my new goodbye

-absolutely BeeMo

Running Trendz

We're having an awesome side walk sale this week.....  I'm selling clothes baby :)

I don't know why, but everybody that comes to my store seems to think that i own the place.  I do run it, but i certainly do not have the final say.   

Maybe it's the awesome charisma i display :)  jk. 


Monday, May 07, 2012


I saw the smoke before i smelt the burnt rubber..... it took me a min to realize it was wreckage time.  

This past weekend i went to talaedaga and it kicked my butt.

5 monsters
6 cans of mountain dew
... still not enough caffeine.  

I had a blast but was exaughsted.  I don't want to talk about the group i went with because they didn't meet my requirements for being a friend, but the trip its self was amazing.  
I've never been a nascar fan, but that might have to change now.

-signed always