Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving berry

I have a pint of peach pucker that has been sitting in my fridge since at least 7 or 8 months….  I bought it when I still worked at Warehouse liquor mart and we had it on sale for 1.99.    Unfortunately, up til now, I haven’t yet found the occasion to use it.  

Today I sat in front of my open fridge trying to come up with a drink.   With orange juice, milk, and cranberry juice as my only mixers, I wasn’t real sure what to do with my liquors that stuck with the chocolate or creamy categories. . . 
That’s when I saw the peach pucker sitting next to the cranberry juice.   I’m not a fan of cranberry juice (it’s too sweet for my taste)  but, for some reason, I thought I’d try the concoction sitting in front of me.  With a shot of pucker and a little juice (in a pretty wine glass)  the taste of pucker was un noticeable.   After another half shot of the pucker, the drink reminded me of the cranberry sauce I have every thanksgiving.   Topped with cool whip and a cherry for looks, I had the perfect cocktail. 

Thanksgiving berry:
1.5 oz peach pucker
cranberry juice

pour into wine glass, garnish with cool whip and a cherry.
(Im sure a splash of sprite would be beautiful in it.)

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