Tuesday, June 05, 2007

God's hands.

I love God, i love him with all of my heart.
I've given him my life as a sacrifice
now they come like wolves
They dress in my own clothes. They earned my trust and love.
Now they want more of me. What more they want, i do not know
I know that my entrie life has been devoted to sharing God's grace.
I know that i am sent to the unreachable nations
but those wolves still yearn for more.
They work to steal my support, my freinds, my life
They are humbly self-rightous. Now they try to mold me.
Don't they see what they're doing to themselves
They try so hard that they lose the entire universe.
God is love, God is grace.
He is one to be feared, but feared in love.
His own son't death has brought us life.
Now those wolves steal my love.
They hurt those who are unmoldable and those who do not know
They conform to their own ideas but i will conform to none but God.
It hurts even more to know that they too love God.
THey are blind to their own judgments.
They work to mold me and judge me when i do not conform
I love God, his judgment i love.
His hands, i will allow to mold and shape me.
Only his hands do i need.

why can't i love

Why can't i love?
It's not that i don't know how
It's not that the opportunity evades me.
I don't know what it is.
Maybe it's not what God wants
Maybe it's simply not time
I can not love
Even those i approve, those same who pursue me,
I can not love.
There is one, only one.
That one will never be.
He seems blind, but i know he is not.
That one i never see
That one is the same one that i watch
I watch as he tears his life apart.
I watch, and the more i watch the more i hurt.
That one, the only on i have ever loved.