Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a raveshing photo?

I have my final interview with Buffolo wild wings in about 3 hours.  This will be my hire or fired interview.  I’m praying for a job.  I don’t know if the banks are open today, but if they are I think I’ll go ahead and start the loan process.   If i get that job, the first thing I’m doing is calling a lady that has a nice deal on her car. 

Along with buying a car,  I’m investing in a nice recorder.   As I’ve mentioned before, I have a habbit of brainstorming at random times but then I end up forgetting the ideas later when I go to blog.  I want a recorder so I can sit at the bar and talk into it and look super special.  I’m kidding.  But it would look either super crazy or super proffesional. Laugh out loud : )

While I’m on the blogging subject.  I’ve come up with my weekly idea yesterday (courtesy of WTS).  The plan is to pick a random spot in town or around town and photo op it.   Then sit and write what ever I can stir up on that photo.   I think it’s a brilliant idea.  I don’t know how many bars have cheek chandeliers or brilliant brick walls or a classy upper town paint job.  Even on the street I constantly see store fronts that would look ravishing in a kitchen or church bathrooms that need an uplift as badly as my grandma’s  needs one.   The next pro to this idea is that  it would fit beautifully into a collum for the town paper (which I have been toying with already) 

Overall, my life seems to be picking up quite nicely.  All I need is this job and I can start rolling in a forward motion.   I love it. 

Ps.  My next fashion challenge:  green tights.  Remember a couple weeks ago when I blogged a fashion no about a girl in green tights?  My goal is to use those same tights and make them a fashion yes…..wish me luck.  

And one last note….. 
Happy thanksgiving : )  be sure to eat some Turkey. 

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