Monday, February 28, 2011

Summer is coming.!

  I am beyond excited that today’s 45 degrees is cold…. That’s a pretty darn good sign that summer is coming.

On that same note:
Or not same note… haha

Boys are dumb.  Lol.  But not an “I hate you” type dumb…. They just aren’t very bright.

And speaking of summer….   I am waiting in anticipation to start planting flowers and having cook outs in the back yard. 

Can’t wait.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

re. Ex. . . At

re. Ex. . . At least the neighbor was honest . It might sting just a lil but he was straight about it and for that i cant b mad

March yet?

I think it might be too early to be changing my layout to st. patty theme..... but i am SOOO ready for warmer whether and i LOVE this upcoming holiday so i decide to jump the gun anyway and update the background :)

mission: summer garden

I can’t wait for summer… It’s just about time to start implanting my exterior décor:  vines and flowers : )   I’m beyond stoked.
(vine pic)
I did find some awesome porch drape ideas, but I think I’ll attempt vines and flowers first.   Sunflowers here I come.
(drape pic)
Now I just have to figure out my parking arrangement since my driveway is more of an ally and less of an actual drive way.  
(drive way pic)
I also need to get some grass seed
(seed pic)

happy planting
(garden pic)

Monday, February 21, 2011

punk rock adult?

I’m not some punk rock sort of character or anything like that, but I do have quite a few piercings and I’m a fan of blue hair and tattoos.   I know that my style isn’t always orthodox.  I know that not everyone apretiates my look.

However, I do like my piercings and tattoos.  I like my unusual clothing and I’m still going to dye my hair random colors once in a while. 

I have a couple neighbors that I hang out with.  One is 37.  The other one is covered in tattoos and has recently started taking out all of his piercings because he’s “too old for them”.   The 37 yr old looked at me the other day and asked when I was going to start taking mine out…. He said that I’m getting old enough that I need to grow up.      It took all I had to keep from punching him.  

I will NEVER take my piercings out for someone else or because the world tells me I should. I don’t give a crap if the world thinks my piercings are childish or if they think I should grow up.  Everything on me is strategically placed and something that I got because I want it.  Maybe one day I’ll get tired of them and take them out, but I might just decide to keep them forever.  I saw an older lady at the store just yesterday with a nose ring.   She didn’t look extreme or mental or anything…. But she still pulled it off wonderfully.  Maybe I’ll turn out to be one of those hip old ladies and I might keep my lip ring until the day I die. 

It doesn’t really matter…   I can take them out when ever I want  and NO ONE will tell me I have to get rid of them before I want to.  Especially some 40 yr old dude that lives in a college town and hangs out with college kids…. He might think that I have to get rid of my piercings to grow up but he clearly hasn’t yet figured out what growing up even means.  

My name is Bee Mo.  I’m not your typical lady.   I don’t follow the rest of the world and sometimes people assume they know who I am.   I have tattoos and facial piercings. I don’t care at all what everybody thinks.  I am going to continue being who I want to be.  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3 hour road trip to paducha

Summary of my yesterday:

308 cherry Bee Mo
18 hours ago

its like a mulet for my feet Bee Mo
22 hours ago

Were goingog to hire some loiterers Bee Mo
19 Feb

Somewhere in kevil we left our mark Bee Mo
19 Feb

Slutty mike is over there Bee Mo
19 Feb

I wanna take a picture with slutty mike and bossy lips Bee Mo
19 Feb

Nope. i think bp got sold out by cutmart Bee Mo
19 Feb

I have to stretch my but . . . . Maybe its a cut mart bp Bee Mo
19 Feb

Omg i love kevil . . . Do you think they have a cut mart Bee Mo
19 Feb

Look at the puppies . . . . Wait! theyre pigs! Bee Mo
19 Feb

We might have already gone over the bridge? - i hope not! - wat? - ill be pissed . i want to go over that bridge Bee Mo
19 Feb

They are really serious about their littering Bee Mo
19 Feb

The bp has a soup of the day? Bee Mo
19 Feb

Im just following the signs Bee Mo
19 Feb

no piercings or alcohol . . . But we have cheap cigs Bee Mo
19 Feb

Some how she got us into mo . . . And we realized thats not right . . . Then we took the medium to turn around Bee Mo
19 Feb

Maybe you can get an std from their air. it smells like sex Bee Mo
19 Feb

How do you get to cut mart? Bee Mo
19 Feb

Do you thing the dogs would eat them? Bee Mo
19 Feb

Mich. we should get should chickens and release them into brookside - liz Bee Mo
19 Feb

Look theres the horses we wanted! . . . And theses 3 of em . . . . Nicheala- there are 4 of us. guess someone will have to double up ...
19 Feb

There was a hill and a curve . . . It was a hill curve Bee Mo
19 Feb

Why does ciaro smell like sex? Bee Mo
19 Feb

How did we pass over so many rivers . . . In 20 min?! Bee Mo

Ex girlfriend.

I am tired of losing the guy to the ex. 
Wts might have been a lying prick with no gut, but if it hadn’t been that slut of whore ex  things might have worked out…. I guess she just brought out the douche side of him a little sooner for me.  
Now I’ve got the guy I didn’t really want to get serious with – would have been nice to lose him to a new girl or to a dis interest in me…..  but im just tired of whoring ex girl friends being dicks and not letting guys move on.   Just as much as I can’t stand those girls,  I can’t stand guys that fall for that kind of thing.  What do they see in those girls?  What is so special about lying bitches that a guy would fall for them over someone who actually cares?   

And why would a guy ever consider going back to a girl that is so careless to consider the girl at present? 

It doesn’t really matter.  I’ve learned my lesson…. I’m not making that mistake again.

I’m not dating their ex girl friend. 

So on that note…. I’m engaged again (not really…..)  One of my buddies last night asked me to marry him after we left the bar and went to don taco.  Ahahaha.   It made me laugh.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My favorite pair of shoes

It’s not just shoes….. it’s that favorite shirt that you’ve had since 8th grade or those jeans you bought for senior pictures.   It might be the braclet you got from your boyfriend or that hat your best friend brought you from fl…..  Sometimes it’s a suvanier,  maybe it’s a great $1 steal, It could be sentimental, but it’s always great and it still wears out. 

Even before I came to like clothes, I had my favorite jeans.  Right now, im in desperate need to disconnect from my lime green, 3 dollar flats.  Its not that they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned or that I payed so much I need to treasure them…  They’re just my favorite shoes.  They were ½ a size too small when I bought them but after a week of non stop wear they came to fit me perfectly.  They’re absolutely adorable…. Laid back and still not too casual, and on top of the fact that I LOVE green.  No need to mention that they were a steal.   Now they are worn and dirty.  The souls have been super glued and hot glued and falling off again.  There is a hole starting to form on the big toe of the right foot…..  they need to be forgotten, but I just can’t let them go.  There’s nothing special about them, no great memories made with them,   but they are still my favorite shoes and I just can’t let them go. 

Here is my vow…. By the time I buy any more shoes I will let go.  

Good buy green flats, it’s time to start seeing other people. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


I think it’s funny that people seem to think that life is beautiful… nothing about life is even slightly beautiful.  Even the beautiful moments aren’t really beautiful….

You start sex – a disgusting act of swapping liquids (sometimes too much liquid) and lots of bonking and boinking.  The result is 9 months of throwing up and emotion riddiculusness only to top it off with an orgasm of birth, an object way too big coming out of a hole way to small with possibilities of ripping and garentees of more extraction of fluids, starting with white mush and ending with tubs of bloody tissue.  It only continues with dirty diapers and snot.

To think that this is only the beginning.
You have puberty (with pussing zits and unexperienced bodily functions)
There is the first sexual interaction (with more blood and a whole lot of confusion)
Don’t forget about all the broken bones, violence of anger, emotional confusions, and heart aches.
You have all of the pains of growing up and the pains of growing old (which will each include another round of disgusting bodily fluids.)  There is your first run in with alcohol (more fluids) and I don’t even want to talk about what happens AFTER you have healed from child birth….. your bodily functions are never quite the same again.

Even the simple things such as athletics:   How many times have people lost a body part? or even the science of ripping muscles and the physical pain of an over exerted body.  The sweat and the blood alone could prove the point of un-beauty.  

After the mid-tweenties I don’t have much experience, but I can only imagine from the stories that muscle control declines and the pain of age doesn’t help emotions or personality.

As the body literally disenigrates (that’s a pretty word eh?) it only gets worse until death it self seems to top of how horribly the world is not beautiful.  But it only seems that way because the earth it’s self takes over from there….

And this only the life of one person… no need to mention floods of drowning people and murder that is not so gentle or the lies that tear people apart.   The selfishness or the heartbreak is a pain everybody has seen at one point or another….

Don’t get me wrong, I see the beauty of the eye of a storm or the awe that comes from birth (and a new soul).  I know that with every evil there is a good.  I just think it’s funny that people can look at the world and think that life is really that beautiful when really nothing but god is beautiful in this world.  But I guess anywhere he is his presence alone makes the horrid a wonderful thing.  Look at moses, some old guy with a long beard and maybe a deteriorating body of his own….. but with the light of god radiating off of him, no one could even look at his beauty. 

I guess it’s one of the reasons that life beautiful – the morbidness of it  all makes each individual so much smaller.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

due date

If I were still preggo, today I would be popping out a baby.   Probably if I was still married I wouldn’t have had the baby so early. 
I’m not working today – thank God.   I know that today is going to be a messy day and on top of it being a white pill sort of day.

The thing that all of this has made me realize:   I now WANT babies. Lol.   I never wanted to have a baby - - ever!.   I’m really not that big of a fan of kids, but now I can’t wait to get married again and really have babies. 

One day, I’m going to make babies with a husband that loves me as much as I love him : )  then we can have all sort of valentine festivities. 

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today is that dreaded holiday…. In the past I’ve written poems that flow with the reasons this day stinks.  This year I’m just not feeling that poetic lol.   I hate the color pink.  I hate mushy gooshiness.  Even when I was with someone I still hated this holiday.  I hated not knowing what to get them or how to be super excited without pulling out roses or pink hearts.   …. I hate roses.  I think they’re pretty, but they are just boring to me, and way too serious.  I hate the obligation behind today – the obligation for couples to do things for each other that are so much more special if they’re done randomly through out the year.
This year I hate it even more.  The thing is, it’s almost a content dislike.   Pulled into the festivities I REALLY hate it, but being left to treat it as another day I don’t mind the fact that couples everywhere are oohing and ahhing.  

Don’t get me wrong, I hate it in the romantic sense and I strongly dislike the décor…. However, I love buying my friends little valentines.  Now that we are “too old”  to put them in each others shoe boxes during lunch, the little cards are that much more of a surprise.   I love having an excuse to remind my friends how much I like them : )     -- even I can have a sensitive side.  

Now on with happy hearting. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A new baby.

As i recently wrote, my bike got totalled a couple weeks ago resulting in my new favorite bike :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


“Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.”

Monday, February 07, 2011

where is summer at?

I know i still have several months until summer is actually here, but i really just can not wait.  I miss last summer and i can't wait until this summer.  

change of scene

I spent most of yesterday moving furniture.   I'm not moving anywhere - just to the other side of the room.  I don't know about the rest of the world, but i get super bored with the layout of my house and about every month or so i just HAVE to change it up.  I live in a rather small one bed room house so it is a real challenge to move things around and actually make it look better.  This time, i really just moved everything from side of the room to the other, but at least it somewhat satisfied my need for change..

..... speaking of change, i think i have found the bike of my dreams.   I was going to change it up this time, but now i am falling in love with another V star.  It is black with a red stripe and all of the chrome is black. I haven't ridden it yet because where i'm from the ground is white right now, but the next dry day we have -  i'm buying me a bike :)

and in conclusion for the day:

shout out to an adorable blogger who i ran across a couple days ago:  thegirlandboy

and for a couple more daily reads, check out my blog roll: cup of joe

Friday, February 04, 2011



I love design*sponge  it makes me smile every day : )    

dumb boys.

I'm not out to hate or bash boys all the time .... i'm not a man hater, in fact i'm quite the opposite.

However, i would like to take a moment to realize how riddiculus they are. WTS for example: we were basicly married, i had his baby, he wanted me to stick around while he continued lying to me about the ex.... now, up til last week he was still sending me emails and letters but yet sees his ex. I don't care that he is talking to her, but it makes me want to sucker punch him in the face every time i hear from him.

Or my co-worker: Not so much anymore, but while i still entertained him he would flirt with me and try to sleep with me but then said he wouldn't sleep with anyone from work after i turned down his advances... now i see how big of a man whore he is with every other girl.

i guess girls are just as bad sometimes: My neighbor: super cool guy and makes me feel great, but it could never turn into anything serious as we live two VERY different life styles.... but yet i continue talking.

I just get so sick of guys playing and lying and cheating. Wts makes me want to punch kangaroos and at this point i don't know if the guys that i could have crush on would ever have me because of what guys have turned me into.

It is because of my own niavness and boy's douchiness that i no longer have any self-respect.
I go places i shouldn't be and do things that i shouldn't do. . . sex no longer means anything to me since even when i commited my life to someone they still managed to play me over...

I love guys, but i get really sick of their stupidity and ignorance.... and ppl like wts make me want to play before i get played, he makes it really easy for me to desire to rip him to shreds

anyway.. enough bashing.
and remember: spooning leads to forking.