Thursday, November 04, 2010

beautiful complemient?

So you think I’m beautiful?  Why thank you.  I’m flattered.  However, when I respond with just a “thank you”  don’t get pissy and don’t get upset.  It’s not that I don’t believe you, I simply disagree.  I don’t think I’m ugly, just not attractive enough to merit that description.  What exactly would you like me to respond with?  Would it make you happy if I say I know?  How about if I just get akward and uncomfortable?  What would you like me to say when you complemient me?  I hear that I’m beautiful just about every other day and i feel like I’ve made some progress.   Use to I would tell them I disagree; at least I’ve learned how to take the complemients.  Why would you get so offended?  You’re the one telling me I’m beautiful… is a thank you not enough?  I’m not sure why guys think I’m attractive enough to call me beautiful but I still find it flattering.  It makes me blush and inside I don’t really know what to say.  When you get mad at me for not giving you whatever response it is that you’re looking for, that’s not earning you any brownie points buddy.  Thank you for the complemient, if a “thank you” isn’t enough than your flattery means nothing to me.   I’m glad you think I’m beautiful….. so does half the other guys I meet, it’s nothing new to me.   Maybe you should come back down to earth and realize that I’m really not that beautiful and I’m really not interested.  Leave the complemients at home if you’re expecting me  to respond with more than just a “thank you”

You’re not so handsome anymore.
Good night.

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