Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's time to update

I'm rewriting my about me page but thought i'd keep the old one around:

Here's the low down:

I am random. That's pretty much the summary of my life.  Sometimes i think too much. I can be whoever i want to be when ever that is who i want to be. I can be that girl to take home to mom or i can be a little bit crazy. Sometimes i really understand just who i am and sometimes i have no idea where this world is taking me.
A lot of people don't know what to make of me but i don't really care and my friends don't really care either.
I'm one of those girls that you look at and then look again.  Sometimes i dress like everyone else, sometimes i wear too many layers. I ride a motorcycle but i don't really ever dress for the ride. I'm pretty much always with someone, but i'm actually quite the loner.
I'm pretty random and most people don't expect anything i say or do, but after a while they stop being surprised. I don't really care... i pretty much let myself be who i really want to be and forget about the rest of the world.

I'm a pretty boring person but there are a few details to me:

common interests:
ice cream
peanut butter
making drinks (and drinking them)
gatherings of water (including rain)
warm whether
The wind in my hair
design/expression of any form
swimming (in the competitive form)
making friends
good movies

people who really rock my world:
Miri Ben-ari
Angelina Jolie
Dale Moore
Sandor Paul
Jacqui Brancheck
Mahatma Gandhi
Mr. Marty Manfredo
Mr. Dempsey Elders
Emma stone
my face book wife, Hot stew.

Very Low on my list:
The color pink
Screaming, hard rock music
PDA (the sloppy make out, get a room kind)
Disrespectful guys
Cold rain

So i don't really have any goals. I do, but i don't hold to them because id rather go with the flow of life than to tie myself down to my own personal interests.
This is pretty much the summary of my life, but don't hold me to it.

check out my first post to this blog (introduction to my life):  Here


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ill kill a man

If you read my about me tab (5'5'' 130lbs)  You'll see that i dislike disrespectful guys...  I wont take crap from anyone and i don't care if i have to take a punch to the face i will still stand up for myself....   and last night - that happened.  Some guy was talking way too dirty and when i confronted him about it i got a right hook.....   but me and my big ego wasn't smart enough to walk away, i stood up and told him he was a piece of dirt.  Guess the second hit was too much because i don't remember it or the following several minutes..  But the thing is, i would do it again.  I would take it for the respect i deserve.  I will not let anyone talk to me like that.  not anyone.  I am a woman and if you wont treat me like one i will have you know that i am a woman.   I just hate crappy guys. and guys that think it's ok to be crappy.

So to guys that hit girls:  you suck

and if it hadn't knocked me out i wouldn't have let him walk away freely.... i'm, sure the cops that showed up wouldn't have either.

punch to the face

So michaela called and asked me to come give her a ride.... i show up and some guy starts talking dirty..... he didn't like me standing up for myself and now the rest is history.  Punch to the face:  10 points for him   knock out to the face:  100 points for him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I hope they serve beer in hell

I’m presently reading a book called “I hope they serve beer in hell”.  With that said I will put the disclaimer out there that this is in no way, form, or fashion a moral or well decided story. 

With that said, I was discussing said book with a friend that we’ll call Thomas L durby.  We were talking about how disgusting and repulsive some of the stories are… such as one which contained too much vomit, crap, and lube… I’m not sure how that progressed our conversation but I ended up asking Thomas if lube taste good… which I should have been able to figure out since it comes in flavors but was too niave to really think of that.  With that question he told me of his experience with lube.  It was a drunken morning that he decided to make pancakes only discover his lack of syrup and procceded to find a bottle of strawberry lube and cover his pancakes…. Just picture a somewhat large lumberjack looking dude standing by a trashcan in the back yard and holding a bottle of strawberry lube upside down over his morning breakfast….. seems a little unappetizing to me to be honest and I might have wondered what he was actually planning on with those pancakes… but defently reminds me of something out of that book…   good luck with that lube Thomas…. I don’t think that’s what it’s made for.   I’m not sure how bodies digest that or if it was actually made to intake in that form…  but good luck.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mascato wine… the new in thing

I guess some of the Italian wines we import have included mascato for some time and wineries like sutter home and barefoot were some of the first to catch on but now there are entire sections of mascato wine… I guess it would be because they are sweet…  by sweet I mean boons farm sweet… I just picked up two more to try one from ____ and the other called chill out… some generic brand I’ve never heard of.   While some mascato turns out surgary and others smoother, I’m excited to come across one that taste a little less sweet because there is always bound to be one out there somewhere….   I’ll let you know how these two turn out.  . happy mascatoing…   


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Twitter twitter twitter everywhere

Beemoawesome  feel free to cheeck it out cause i am sometimes really random...  only use it as a notebook for myself so i can remember music i want to buy or quotes i just wanna remember..... but sometimes it turns out really super funny.. check it.

coat hangar

I feel like i have enough abandonded drawers laying around my house that this would be a wonderful project...   (from design sponge)

heart you.

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

a cute lil title. shoutout

While i don't like title of any sort.. in religion, relationships or anything else, i do adore good blog titles.... and here is an abosolutely too cute title.......  hello giggles.  and i love her layout too... its a clean but origional and still fun set up on her blog.

meet Charlie

7 weeks this past weekend... im beyond excited to have my own boy.  

Charlie likes:
other boys.
eating rocks
pooping in the bathroom floor.
baloon animals
running in circles

Charlie dislikes:
animal taxis
big dogs
sitting still for more than just a nap
being alone.

my birthday was 2 days ago, on monday, and i consider charlie my birthday present to myslef.... and my parental units got me a gift card to help pay for schooling in a couple months when he's old enough : )   yay.....    He gets along SUPER well with my neighbors dogs  and petco has free puppy playdates that i can start taking him to.... i tried last week but he's way too small for some of those dogs..  i'm hoping that  he is socialized enough that he can get along with them a little better this week....    yay. i'm so happy.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

goodbye divorce.

I would like to announce that i finally feel like i'm actually living since the i left that man. I finally feel like i can love jesus again, like i can do what i really want and like i can make my own life once again.

I still want to hack that girl in the face... after all, she's still a home wrecker.... but it's not because of the pain i bear but because of the pain i had.

Thank God for his love because he still loves me. :)

just saying... i finally feel like i'm actually moving forward. i can the ppl that will screw me over because i still have God sticking by my side and i can finally remember what it's like to love him again.

Monday, June 13, 2011


... except today is my birthday... my 23rd to be exact :)