Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tailgating and wine trails.

Yesterday was an epic day.
I would like to start off by saying that responsible drinking is my key to ENJOYING drinks.

Yesterday started off great with a tail gate  (tailgate = free food, beer, monsters, moes, and an amazing balloon man names awesome)  I went with a group of my close buddies and we had a grand time just relaxing, especially about noon when the sun finally decided to bless us with it's presence.

The day got even better when Will showed up to try out the new chilli's with him.  (chilli's = good food, great service, amazing clean restaurant)  We had wings and ribs.  The wings were average wings, but the ribs were drop down amazing.  The chambord margarita was made to perfection.  Our sever was not only timely and friendly, she also was a down right excellent server.  To top it off, while we did have only a 5 minute wait to get bar seats, we also were gotten to very quickly;  even our food took less than 20, maybe even 15, min to arrive after order.   Chilli's has my 5 thumbs up, not just for it's food, but even more for it's service.

For evening entertainment, my friend Dainna snatched me for her wine trail adventure.  We ended up going with Rustle hill, a winery I've always been a fan of.  While most of the wines I'm partial towards were completely out, we did manage to pick out a semi dry red that Daina and i could both manage.  The lone guitarist was a nice back ground music.  As we finished the bottle of wine my excitement rose when the swamp tigers walked in.  I've only heard them once before last night but they have an excellent style with their retro, individual style that they they carried into their music and throughout the band.   When will found out they were playing he didn't miss a beat on making his way there.

After a busy day i met an all time excitement when will introduced me to an awesome lady named Debbie from the Carbodale times.   She was excellent conversationalist and a very nice lady.  As her and i traded conversation we watched on while a younger girl hit the dance floor pulling out moves better anything i've ever imagined dropping.   I'm pretty excited, not only that a young girl would have respectable dance moves that actually drop the floor, but also that i have now made an aquaintance Debbie who has been the center of more than one admorable complemient.

As topped off as the day was after meeting debbie, My day wasn't over.   I've been having a buddy from chicago staying at my place this weekend and the "get together" that was planned to take place at my place was yet to happen that night.  After a day of good drinking, i wasn't all that drawn towards the basic beer that everbody showed up with, but i certainly didn't mind the company or the fellowship.

Even from the get go yesterday was a perfect day.   I hung out with a wide range of my friends, had several relaxed functions to attend and all day didn't have to deal with any responsabilities outside of relaxing for a good day.

From tailgating to get togethers, yesterday was beautiful.

The two highlights of my day:
The balloon man, named awesome, from tailgating and meeting Debbie, from the Carbondale Times

Awesome, the balloon man

One of the many completed works of Awesome

Every where you looked there was another ballloon creation.

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