Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's you're name again?

She's a different kind of girl... what's her name?

Bucket list:
dye my hair = check
chop off my hair = check
go skydiving = it's happening next weekend :)

So i'm not really sure that i wanted to lose my hair but i did want something really different.  My life right now is just hell and i'm ready to snap out of the high that i've been in.  I really do miss my hair a lot but i know that i'll get used to this too,..  I'm not giving up on who/what i wanted to be, i'm just accepting that shit is not acceptable and letting go of things that aren't neccesary (such as reservations or caution, not people).  I know who i used to be but I'm not sure who i am anymore, im just hoping that factor Y will come back so that i can be factor X because factor X is what i wish to be.   Until then,,,, i'm going to continue with drastic measures (meaning a search until i find a "me" that i'm comfortable being until factor Y comes back)

so whats her name?  yeah, i don't know either.... lets make one up for her.


  1. your new hair is beautiful, you are beautiful, and I hope you find that "me" you are looking for Bee.

    <3 Stacie