Sunday, September 19, 2010

Always a Party.

I have two solid jobs. A) Party city. B) The old Rome.
Bartended last night (and made dough) but then i had to be up bright and early to work at the party sharp by 7am. I've put in so many hours working the past 5 days....... 33 hours I guess thats really not that entire so many. But considering the fact that 6 days ago i didn't have job, that is quite a few hours.

I'm hoping that once both places are up and running i will be able pull them both off. I know that Party city defently likes me so i should be able to get what i want shifts wise, but i'm not really sure if the bar actually wants me working much.... i seem to have gotten the back seat from them. If it all works out right i will be making real bank between party city and the bar. Ps. I like the way that both jobs are party related.

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