Sunday, September 19, 2010

my man? the man?

Since my relationship status is on hold i really don't know what to call him when i'm talking about him to strangers.... At work yesterday i kept calling him the man of the house. lol. "The man of the house woke up and cooked me breakfast so that i'd get up." and "The man of the house said he liked this outfit".... I suppose it works. I could call him what he is, but i've vowed to give him as much space as i can survive until he tells me he doesn't want that space anymore and i'm not going to push it because i want him to know how much he means to me and i want him to be confident in how he feels about me.

On other note.... I told you how exaughsted i was from working so much..... I laid down to listen to wills show today at 6 but dont remember a thing he said because i fell asleep by 630. lol. now it's midnight and i just woke up. As long as i do fall back asleep (which doesn;t feel like it should be a problem) i should feel pretty good tomorrow.

And while i'm in the process of giving a step by step of my day:  I bought a plastic "to go" cup from wal mart today.  They had a really awesome brand that id been eyeing.... and  now that i made bank bar tending i decided to suck it up and spend the 5 bucks.... except now they are gone and the only color they had left was red.  I bought it anyway cause that's how badly i wanted one.  These two here are really cute.... but 20 dollars is a little more than i'll spend on a cup. lol  I know the ones from starbucks leak (the caps just aren't seals good enough)  so i'm hoping this one will work a little better cause it is a freaking awesome cup.  . . . yes, i know that i'm way too excited about just a cup but it was cool cup. lol 

... with all the coffee the man of the house drinks, i'm sure i'll be using this a LOT :)

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