Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ever see an ugly flower?

One hope for the future:
World peace

Everyone will tell you that they want world peace. It is the thing that the peace corps focus on and so many people preach. I doubt you'll ever find a person who doesn't want world peace. What makes this so ironic is that while everyone wants world peace, no one will accept difference.

We're so judgmental of the people that we've never met and then we don't understand why the world is such a sad place. I worked a recovery event today. There were people who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol who were on the path to recovery. Many were dirty. Some where missing teeth... they were all people who would be judge by the majority of you. When a strange man in a woman's shirt decided to get up and "groove to the music", they all laughed. It's riddiculus how we all fight to avoid judgement of others but then we don't hesitate return the judgements. We are hurt when we are mocked and yet every day we pass judgement on everyone else.
How many times do you walk on the other side of the road to avoid the bum on the corner? How many times have i seen people look at their feet to avoid conversation with the toothless lady who doesn't wear a bra? They are people. They may be different than us, but even they need a stranger's smile.

It's not even just the strangers that we see. In our own circle of friends and our own families we are judging each other. It's one reason that i will never tell my family about the nightmares i've endured the past few months. It's the same reason I've hardened my shell. We don't know why our children mess up or why our parents are so embarrassing... most of the time it's because of the judgement that we are passing on them - it's their desperation to avoid it. How would life be if we could just accept disagreements and if we could learn to exchange simple gestures.
In church we are taught all about simple gestures, how many times have we really ignored our own comfort zone? I doubt ever.... No one acknowledges the modest girl sitting by herself at the bar. No one says hello to the black man in front of the liquor store. I've never seen a well dressed person exchange conversation with the blue haired, mohawked boy. . . What if we extend our acceptence of people? How would the world change? Just this week i heard a local politician, venting about the muslims. Who cares if they are black or indian or middle eastern? Screw you. He's the perfect example of judgement. Constantly bashing republicans or muslims or mormans or masons.... who is he to generalize so hatefully? How many more people would listen to him if would accept people? How much of a difference could he make in this world if he would push acceptance of judgment?

You want to make a difference in the world? If you can't learn to look at everyone as an equal you will never be humble enough to even change your self.

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