Thursday, September 23, 2010


I like working at Party city.  The problem is that They have me working 60 hrs this week and i have a life outside of that job.  They are considering hiring me as full time.   I would love to work m-f 8 hrs a day, but i don't know that i'm loyal enough to this job to actually get that full time.  I stretch myself as much as i can, but then i stop.  I've already put in 40 hours this week and today i was supposed to work again, but i was too exaughsted and so i called and told them i couldn't do it.  I am a hard worker when i work, but i can only work so hard so long and then my body shuts down.... i doubt there going to hire me permenantly when i'm willing to put my foot down like this.  Everyone that works there has worked 8 hrs a day, every single day since they were hired on.  Everyone that works there is stretched thin and everyone is tired of working....  I am too.  The deal with me is that i put my foot down when i've had enough.  I really would like to get hired on permanent but i'm not willing to stretch myself thin for it.  I have a life and i don't want to loose that for a job.  Especially with Will... i can't get my job done at home if i so busy working.  We open tomorrow.  Hopefully things will slow down cause right now i barely have time to breath.

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