Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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I am officially pooped. I've not blogged much in the past week because i have put in way more hrs than one physical body can handle. Since sunday i have already worked 39 hrs at Party city. By the time the week is over i will have hit 60. After a weekend of juggling bartending and party city, sunday was an 8 hr day, monday i put in 15 hrs, Yesterday was another 8 hrs, and today was also 8 hrs. Tommorrow will be a training day and then i know they want me to work fri and sat..... but i can't keep pushing myself like this. I need a break. Not too big of a deal, i'm just so exaughsted that i can barely exist. Yesterday ended at 1030 only to start today at 6 am.. way too early for my taste.
I dunno what i'm going to do, but something has to happen because this is just too much. The good news is that my boss is considering offering me full time. All i know is that i'm pooped.

On other news: Tonight is Will's big show so if you've nothing better to do and you're in the Carbondale area: check it out. CW Clark at tres.

Until then... i'm taking a nap.

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