Friday, September 10, 2010

Town square.

The point of my trip into town today was actually Party Central, in Carbondale, which is hiring right now. Anyone who needs a job should check it. . After getting the offer there I stopped by Tres just to have one of their famous Margaritas. Amazing. Tres has good drinks, but they also have an amazing location right on the square. accented by the coffee shop and co-op, the Town square is still absolutely breath taking in it's historic state.

The girl looked like a school teacher in her sweater and pearls. She fit in perfectly leaving the co-op grocer. At first glance she looked rushed as her phone rang and she had to juggle the muffin she was eating in order to not drop her drink in the puddle she was in the proccess of jumping over. When she finally managed to answer the ringing phone she laughed as she waved to passer byer that she seemed to know. As she continued along the brick street, lined with loft apts, it was just like a scene out of a movie.

photo=google find.

*just a note: Town square = awesome.

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