Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just a girl.

In the words of:
I write this not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I know that it's not a straight path and i know that surviving is only a hope. My inspiration right now is stuck in my emotions. It's like writer's block except that the words are there, they are just stuck.

I've finally began to remember what kind of person i was. I've been so concerned with pleasing those around me that i forgot. Now the emotions that are flooding back consume me. One day everything seems so perfect and then that night i find out i've been lied to. It's all i can do to deal with each experience on it's own, little lone everything compounded. My entire life is a wreck and now i've realized that there is nothing i can rely on; not even the one person in this world that really means the world.

I'm torn between the pain and the determination and emotions. My heart is so tired of hurting that i can't even feel it anymore. The emotions have been ripped from the physical agony and i'm left with a shell. This pain, i'm not going to let discourage me. My entire life has been ripped apart and now i'm left with nothing to hold me back. It's a pain that is unbearable, but in a way it eases my mind to know that nothing but him can keep me from him. There is only one cure from this hurt, time will not heal these wounds. Only the person who helped form them.

You were mine(dixi chicks):
I Can Find A Reason To Hang On
What Went Wrong Can Be Forgiven
Without You, It Ain't Worth Livin' Alone

Sometimes I Wake Up Crying At Night
And Sometimes I Scream Out Your Name

I am yours(some girl sitting on your couch):

I suppose all i can do is wait and pray.
Whispers fill the air. 
People talking bout me and you. 
you say you don't wanna hurt me,
but you just turn your head and let the whispers come. 

I have nothing but time.
i'll wait all day and pray real hard. 
and hope that you will come around
just show yourself, don't play me along.  

I lay awake, prayin for you.
You have my heart so i'll wait for you.
just tell me who you are 
so i know what to expect

This is me.
I am here.
I will wait.
I will pray.

This is me.
I am here.
I will wait.
I will pray.

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