Monday, September 20, 2010

Above the world.

"The need to be approved by others is your own need to be approved by yourself"

Let go of your own self judgement and the world's opinion wont matter.  
It's a true story.... the times i feel the most judged by the world (and care) is when i respect myself the least.   People aren't happy with how they are and so they seek out the world's approval.  
I'm not going to say i'm happy with myself right now, but i'm getting there.  I used to be happy with myself and i am going to be happy with myself.   Right now,  i'm working on it, but i don't need the world's approval to love myself.  I'm above that.  I'm not anything special, but i am certainly not going to let the rest of the world tell me that.   I've always been who i want to be, why would i let anyone else change that?  

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